Now we’re all Terrorists?

Anyone with half a brain knows California and especially San Franciscan’s are several cards short of a deck but SF’s board of supervisors just added an exclamation point to it. They’ve declared officially that the NRA is a Terrorist Organization. I mean after all we believe and try to protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. After all per them we’re responsible for every nut job who shoots up anything, while they provide a haven for illegal aliens who commit crimes at rates far above the norm. Sick, sick minds at work here.

The real problem

The past weekends shootings bring more howls for “gun control” as a solution but in both cases (and we won’t even mention the mass shooting that is Chicago every weekend) mental health issues are the root causes. Until we identify and deal with the mentally ill in this country these type shootings will continue. The El Paso shooting was a known “white supremacist”, who loves them? But the left wing nut jobs insist Trump inspired him, hell Adolf Hilter is more likely, calling for a secure Border hardly qualifies as hate speech unless you’re a left wing nut yourself.

The Dayton shooter it turns out was a Left Wing nut job of the worse order, hating Trump and embracing Socialism, I’m betting we don’t hear a lot about this loser. Note he was engaged by the Dayton PD’s brave officers and stopped within 30 seconds, tragic loss of life but heroic job Guys.

We seriously need to work on identifying these losers early and before they can commit these crimes, banning an object has Zero effect.

Range day…

Another trip to VIR’s long range, accompanied my friend Rob and seven of his Dentist friends, a great group and fun to be with. I took my 6mm Creedmoor based on a Rem. 788 receiver and it shot as well as I and my Gunsmith thought it would. It’s a much lighter rifle with a 24″ Brux barrel which they custom contoured to match the factory 6mm Rem. barrel, it will heat up but not extremely fast and is light enough to use as a hunting rifle. It’s accuracy at long range would make it a really good “bean field rifle” as we call them around here. It’s going to surprise some folks in the long run.

Clean up Sunday was a breeze, these Brux barrels properly broken in just don’t copper at all, vigorous cleaning showed no signs at all. I’ve got right at 60 rounds down it now.

Catching up…

My CZ 457 has been to the range and initial results are very good, the Browning 52 needed Burris Signature rings but is now shooting well too, I look forward to some ammunition testing with both.

Yesterday I purchased a S&W Model 41, new from Mace Sports, trigger out of the box is averaging 1 lb. 2 oz., just outstanding, may get a chance to see how it shoots later today. Lots going on in our lives and shooting time is harder to come by it seems. Seems I’ve become Diabetic albeit only mildly so, strictly diet and pill controlled so I’m fortunate. Pulmonary Rehab is going well but again, time consuming. Church work and Manna Market are always there but a pleasure, life is good but busy.

Baptists on Missions, Pender County NC

Spent a couple of days with some wonderful folks working hard to restore peoples lives post Florence down in Pender Co., Mike Moser and his team work tirelessly accessing sites and assigning Volunteers to do Tear Outs, Mud Outs, Tree work etc. I will say I learned the hard way that a COPD/Emphysema sufferer like myself needs to stay away from the sites themselves but we can provide funds, Prayer and many other services.

Help if you can, whether money, time or whatever forum you can, thousands have lost everything, the major damage is flooding and since most were not in flood zones they did not have flood insurance so have nothing left. The Home where I worked not only lost all his household goods but several Cows, Hogs and Horses, truly sad.

Micheal just what we didn’t need…

I was stationed at Hurlburt Field Florida for most of my four years in the Air Force, we had a couple of Hurricanes brush us but nothing really bad, but Tyndall and Mexico Beach just to the East got a real blow this week. I know that Baptists on Mission and their Disaster Relief teams are there by now, at least is as much as they can reach the area. I pray for those who have been affected by this Storm and those who will go there to help them. Here locally our efforts will continue to be directed to the Eastern NC relief and rebuilding.  I can’t imagine what they’re going through. God be with them all.

NC Baptists are invading the Coast…

Actually they have been since the minute they could get through the flood waters, two feeding stations have been in place for about 10 days, supplies and workers have been pouring in. Our Church sent 16 workers down Thur. and will be sending more, my COPD has my Wife saying I’m not going but if they can find a job I can do…I’ll go. This time I sent money to defray the costs of the trip, each of us doing what we’re able. They’ve sent us a lot of photos, hopefully I can share some later.


Florence…the guest that just doesn’t want to leave

Started raining pretty steady again late yesterday afternoon and is still pouring off and on, more Thunder and Lightening than the past few days. Radar shows Showers and Thundershowers continuing to flow in from the South, should be her last gasp in this area but she’s determined to let us know she visited. Rivers and such will continue to rise for a few days, bad for those already inundated with water.