Florence…the guest that just doesn’t want to leave

Started raining pretty steady again late yesterday afternoon and is still pouring off and on, more Thunder and Lightening than the past few days. Radar shows Showers and Thundershowers continuing to flow in from the South, should be her last gasp in this area but she’s determined to let us know she visited. Rivers and such will continue to rise for a few days, bad for those already inundated with water.

CZ 452 FS and idle thoughts…

I’ve mounted a Weaver Grand Slam 4-16x scope and took it out to zero and do a bit of ammo testing yesterday, it shot well but definitely needs some trigger work, most 452’s do. It was a quick trip and rather than drag a lot of equipment around in the heat I took my smaller Caldwell Bull Bag.  All in all I was pleased, with CCI SV/Norma Match .22/SK Standard plus and SK coming out the clear winner, no surprise to any CZ owner, that oily lube just seems to suit them.

Speaking of Oily things, slimey Spam artists, hows that for a Segway. My Anti Spam system has thwarted 10,490 attempts in the past six months, that from a sight that sells nothings, promotes pretty much nothing…IE no monetary advantage to hacking me. Scumbags abound in our society.

Fortunate decisions…

Spending time this week with an old friend from Our early FAA days in Georgia, her husband passed about 4 years ago and she and the Wife had reconnected so we’re visiting. I went to work for the FAA in 1976, the drums were beating within PATCO (the controllers union) for better equipment, higher pay, unfortunately hot heads prevailed and in ’81 most went out on strike. I did not and spent the next couple of years in temporary duty status. Her husband did strike and the consequences cost them dearly, losing a home and most of their property while raising three kids, I knew it had to have been hard. On top of all of this her husband began suffering symptoms related to Agent Orange exposure from his time in Vietnam. Eventually the VA in Ga. got him classified correctly and their assistance helped them greatly. You seldom know where your choices will take you but I look back now at a couple of fateful decisions that had huge implications for Our future and Thank God for his Goodness towards us.

The Trust is just the beginning…

Wow do they ever make this process complicated, especially for something even the BATFE says is pretty unnecessary, just having the Trust set up is pretty simple but talking  with the Dealer there’s a lot more to be done..

For a retired LEO and former Federal Employee who like has pretty big electronic file/files in the belly of the beast so to speak, finger prints in duplicate etc. Like they’ve not got 20  or more sets already on file. LOL


Delays in the Trust..

Attorney called and he has had a tough week in court and it will be the end of next week before its done, not really a problem. Rain has set in for a few days, Church responsibilities continue to increase, ah well, just because you buy toys doesn’t mean you have time to play with them. Picked up a bit of an odd one this week, FN 5.7 pistol, a firearm I was very much against back when I was a Police Officer. With some loads it will defeat most common Body Armor, not something most Cops want widely distributed , truth is the Keltec PMR-30 with some loads is right there with it. Another Nut Job shot up his School in Texas, we need Mental Healthcare not Gun Control, this one used Daddy’s Shotgun and .38 revolver. Where the heck was Daddy?

Recent additions…

Talk about extremes, a Taurus PT-22 Poly, I was at the Pawn shop when a gentleman was talking trade with them on this one but had to leave, later saw it sitting there. His wife had put less than 40 rounds through it and didn’t care for it so he traded it on a revolver. I got it for just over 1/2 price.

A young man who works there had a Alexander Arms 6.5 Grendel upper with 24″ Shilen barrel, he’d been trying to sell it for a while, I got it for 1/3 of what the equivalent model sells for now. Actually less than the barrel alone sells for from Shilen. Now those are extremes, lol.



The Wife and I were eating lunch at Cracker Barrel yesterday and three Wildlife Officers were sitting at the table next to us, two young officers and a middle aged Lieutenant. They were discussing various things and as we finished up and were leaving I asked how the Turkey Season was going and they replied it seemed to be a good season so far. The Lt. asked if I’d hunted any and I told him, nope hadn’t been and had no idea when I’d go again since my hunting Partner had passed away back in September. He expressed condolences and then said, you know he’d want you to find someone else to hunt with don’t you. This was Rick’s time of the year, he was never so happy as when he was calling Turkeys and he was good at it, usually tagging out within the first week or so then he’d start taking Kids and other new hunters out and call for them or teach them to call. Standing around one of our favorite haunts (Haw River Gun and Pawn) we were telling stories of past hunts, several of the folks had hunted Turkeys with Rick. Great memories.

Site not Secure?

Hogwash…this started popping up 4 or 5 days ago, I contacted GoDaddy who hosts this  site and they tell me I need to buy a security certificate that is now required..hmmm. Okay  $119 and it will clear that “site not secure” for two years…well for me at least its still there, I’m up to my eyeballs in Alligators tomorrow but if its still there Wednesday me and GoDaddy are having a talk.

He is Risen…

At our Good Friday Service Pastor Sammy shared a reading called “it’s Friday, but Sunday’s a coming”, you tube has several video performances of it well worth listening to, It’s Sunday and Christ our Savior is Risen. Because of him we have eternal Salvation.


Easter is upon us…

Last night our Church celebrated Maundy Thursday commemorating the Last Supper, today we have a Good Friday Service followed by a Community luncheon. On Sunday we will celebrate Christ’s Resurrection. These are exciting times for God’s people and we are off to a wonderful start. I hope each of you will be doing much the same.

God Bless