Delays in the Trust..

Attorney called and he has had a tough week in court and it will be the end of next week before its done, not really a problem. Rain has set in for a few days, Church responsibilities continue to increase, ah well, just because you buy toys doesn’t mean you have time to play with them. Picked up a bit of an odd one this week, FN 5.7 pistol, a firearm I was very much against back when I was a Police Officer. With some loads it will defeat most common Body Armor, not something most Cops want widely distributed , truth is the Keltec PMR-30 with some loads is right there with it. Another Nut Job shot up his School in Texas, we need Mental Healthcare not Gun Control, this one used Daddy’s Shotgun and .38 revolver. Where the heck was Daddy?

Recent additions…

Talk about extremes, a Taurus PT-22 Poly, I was at the Pawn shop when a gentleman was talking trade with them on this one but had to leave, later saw it sitting there. His wife had put less than 40 rounds through it and didn’t care for it so he traded it on a revolver. I got it for just over 1/2 price.

A young man who works there had a Alexander Arms 6.5 Grendel upper with 24″ Shilen barrel, he’d been trying to sell it for a while, I got it for 1/3 of what the equivalent model sells for now. Actually less than the barrel alone sells for from Shilen. Now those are extremes, lol.



The Wife and I were eating lunch at Cracker Barrel yesterday and three Wildlife Officers were sitting at the table next to us, two young officers and a middle aged Lieutenant. They were discussing various things and as we finished up and were leaving I asked how the Turkey Season was going and they replied it seemed to be a good season so far. The Lt. asked if I’d hunted any and I told him, nope hadn’t been and had no idea when I’d go again since my hunting Partner had passed away back in September. He expressed condolences and then said, you know he’d want you to find someone else to hunt with don’t you. This was Rick’s time of the year, he was never so happy as when he was calling Turkeys and he was good at it, usually tagging out within the first week or so then he’d start taking Kids and other new hunters out and call for them or teach them to call. Standing around one of our favorite haunts (Haw River Gun and Pawn) we were telling stories of past hunts, several of the folks had hunted Turkeys with Rick. Great memories.

Site not Secure?

Hogwash…this started popping up 4 or 5 days ago, I contacted GoDaddy who hosts this  site and they tell me I need to buy a security certificate that is now required..hmmm. Okay  $119 and it will clear that “site not secure” for two years…well for me at least its still there, I’m up to my eyeballs in Alligators tomorrow but if its still there Wednesday me and GoDaddy are having a talk.

He is Risen…

At our Good Friday Service Pastor Sammy shared a reading called “it’s Friday, but Sunday’s a coming”, you tube has several video performances of it well worth listening to, It’s Sunday and Christ our Savior is Risen. Because of him we have eternal Salvation.


Easter is upon us…

Last night our Church celebrated Maundy Thursday commemorating the Last Supper, today we have a Good Friday Service followed by a Community luncheon. On Sunday we will celebrate Christ’s Resurrection. These are exciting times for God’s people and we are off to a wonderful start. I hope each of you will be doing much the same.

God Bless

Further foolishness…

I read this morning where Students plan on marches across the country to demand gun control…foolish Sheep lead by Educators steeped in left wing ideology, blaming objects for the actions of mentally and morally deranged people. Demanding to “feel safe”, well children this is not a “safe” world and never has been. Put your faith in a all powerful God who gives the ultimate protection, eternal life through the death of His Son on the Cross. I feel for the generations being raised to demand safety, dare nothing, defend nothing and expect the Government to provide your every want not need from Cradle to Grave.

Misplaced Anger…

Speaking with my Son yesterday, he tells me my GrandDaughter tells him she’s going to join the Walk out at School against Gun Violence, so he asks why, she says they don’t want Guns and Police on their Campus. Well she’s spent a lot of time in my home surrounded by Guns, she’s spent all of her life around current and former Police officers, being protected by them.

Our educators and brain benders are blaming the acts of the mentally ill and evil among us on inanimate objects, rather than requiring Law Enforcement and State agencies to keep the mental health records up to date to keep these folks from being able to legally purchase firearms, they want to ban firearms. That is like banning automobiles because of Drunk Drivers. The last several serial shooters have legally purchased their weapons because of failures of the systems, the USAF for not reporting one man’s mental problems and the last, the Sheriff’s department that visited his residence 43 times.

Go after the real causes and I and most Gun Owners will cheerfully join you, in the mean time we see one reason 15-17 years aren’t allowed to vote and frankly maybe that should go back to 21 year olds.


on my last visit to Rick’s firearms I looked over several I’d considered but decided not to buy, and predictably I brought home another one, a CZ 97b. A big .45acp that I’d thought too large for my hands  Some dry firing convinced me I might well be good with it as the DA pull is one of the best I’ve seen. We’ll find out sometime.

On another subject, I’ve been a fan of the little J Framed .32 SW Longs for a long time, great for a first centerfire trainer for kids and women who are recoil shy. Local pawn had a New Ruger SP101 in .32 Federal Magnum, the 3″ fixed barrel model that had been ordered in error for a customer, Made me a offer I couldn’t refuse , price matched the cheapest price I could find on Gunbroker and threw in 2 50 round boxes of Federal 85gr and a 20 round box of HST’s. This may be Mama’s new pistol, you just never know.

No photo of the Ruger yet.

Family Christmas…

My Wife’s family Christmas gathering was yesterday, we always have a great time there, wonderful Children are growing up into Godly and talented young Adults, Adults who continue to be good Christian examples to their Children. Much reminiscing about those who have gone on before us, sadness for their loss to us but Joy in that we know they wait for us in God. Not much gift giving (the sisters give small tokens) but a tremendous amount of sharing of Love and Joy for the Season. I always enjoy this gathering. Oh and the food, wow the food.