This and that…

12,642…that’s the number of Spam attempts stopped on this little blog site in the past six months, that’s how firmly entrenched liars and thieves are in this “internet”…Yeah Al Gore may just have invented this after all.

Traded a non-threaded Ruger SR-22 for a New S&W MP22 Compact Suppressor ready, hey once you go suppressor you never want to go back…and no Dummycrats they’re not SILENT…they’re just not harmfully loud. The Brits consider them an essential health and safety item.

Have a Taylor/Uberti .32-20 coming sometime…they told the LGS it was in stock and they’d get it right out…2 weeks ago, lol.

Life is good, God is Good, all the time.

Look what I found…

I don’t have a lot of Winchesters, though I’ve added some nice ones the last couple of years, M75 Sporter, M72A with Apertures and grooved receiver, a restored 1906. Today I added a 1942 M63 in quite nice condition, I’d owned a Taurus copy several years ago but am delighted to have the “real deal”, not perfect but very nice and a good shooter even at 50 yards which was a test for my old eyes.

Had fun playing around with it at the range today, was able to do some credible shooting even with no Aperture disc, got to fix that.

CZ 457…We’ll see

If you don’t want anymore firearms stay out of gunshops, a stop by Fuguay Guns and Gold to see if they had any magazines for the G43 and G48 (they didn’t) resulted in my purchasing one even after saying I’d no interest. Anyone who knows me will tell you I love an attractive wooden stock and once I’d seen this one the predictable happened. With all the Debbie downer talk about this model I did a good inspection before making the plunge. Wood finish is good, the new nitrite finish is attractive and even over the entire rifle, muzzle and bore look good using a bore light, I couldn’t find a thing to reject it. I’d already handled two Tikka T1x’s there, a .22lr and a .17 her, nothing grabbing me there as I see little difference over the Sako Quad (okay its stock is more substantial) and the bulbous magazines don’t do a thing for me although I’m sure they’ll be good shooters as Sakos and Tikkas tend to be.

Next will be seeing how the 457 Varmint shoots, I’ve mounted a Weaver V24 in Warne 722M rings just need some weather to test in, lately I feel like we moved to Seattle…

Trigger is a new adjustable model, nothing like the old CZ’s, out of the box a clean crisp 2 lbs. 1 oz., lots of old complaints answered some new ones expressed on some forums. Only time will tell, I know the wood sure lured me in on this one.

CZ Kadet Pistol

In response to a post from Charlie who’s getting to be a regular here, thanks for that Charlie, I’ll post a couple of photos of my Kadets. For those not familiar with them they are basically a CZ 75 with a .22lr upper on them, weight and handling are pretty much identical to their 9mm’s. Accuracy while perhaps not Match Grade is very good.

The single action version (straight trigger) with suppressor adapter now belongs to a friend but the “normal” model is still around, neither were from a kit (upper, magazine) but original completer pistols. I believe CZ has stopped making the complete pistols now and only offers the conversion kit, well worth having for your CZ centerfire pistol. Thanks for making me think about the Kadet again Charlie its past due for some range time.

Another Desire satisfied

When they first came out I wanted one but just couldn’t justify the cost, I looked many over at gunshows and shops but always found a flaw or just didn’t have the spare cash. A local shop had this one on consignment for a goodly while and I finally made an offer and now its mine.

A Browning 52 replica, in very good condition, with good wood and at a price that seemed more than fair to me, now to accumulate the rest of the goodies to put it to use.

This and that…

Finished the AR 22, added a Magpul forearm in FDE to match the rest of the furnature, picked up a couple of 15 round Black Dog magazines used, it mostly needs shooting now.

Used up both my Glock Blue Label usages last week, first on a G48 and then Saturday on a G43x, these are great EDC pistol, the 48 shoots very well and the 43x will get some break in later today

Started Pulmonary Rehab again last Friday, so M/W/F mornings will be taken up for 12 weeks, hopefully I can get moving in the right direction again.

AR22 by TacSol/PSA

Several years ago I had a TacSol AR22 upper that shot very well but at that time I really didn’t shoot it much at all and I had better than $400 in it and ended up selling it for a bit more than I’d paid for it. Now I’m shooting a good bit on an indoor range where a regular AR isn’t allowed but I can shoot a .22lr all I want. Midway had the TacSol’s on sale so I figured, why not. After getting it and shooting it on a Eagle Arms upper which was okay but I decided to pick up its own lower so I purchased one from Palmetto State Armory on sale with FDE furniture to differentiate from my other AR’s. PSA’s are budget priced and mine came to me needing to have the buttstock tube removed most of the way so the rear takedown pin could be properly fitted, not a huge thing but it took a pretty good while to correct. Once assembled I put about 100 rounds of Federal ammo though it without any hiccups. Trigger will be the next thing to get some attention, accuracy was passable with 1″ groups at 25 yards off a simple front rest and no rear support being the norm. Rifle is topped with a TruGol 2moa dot and has Magpul Mbus as back up. A Magpul FDE fore end is on order just to keep things the same.

A bit different

I’ve got a number of Full Stocked rifles, mostly rimfire but a few Centerfire as well but with 8 CZ 527’s I did not have a single FS. I sold two rifles last week and ordered a CZ 527 FS in the venerable .222. These popped up on the scene a few months ago, dated 2010 and many wondered where they’d been hiding. Now that I have mine in hand I know…Mexico, imported through CZ USA but sent to and marked as Mexican.

It arrived NIB but missing the always present Proof target but that really isn’t a concern to me. Now begins the search for an appropriate scope, something compact but at least 12-14x on the top end as the little .222 is useful out to at least 250-300 yards.

Return of the 1911’s

Back before the Day of the Glock, 1986, I owned several Colt 1911’s, in fact two Gold Cups and two Series 70’s. They shot well but even after having a couple of known Gunsmiths dabble with them were not as reliable as I wanted, I purchased my first Gen 1 Glock (two letter three number serial) and slowly but surely the Colts went away.

Of late I’d been longing for old slab sides (ergo wise they are nice) and when I ran across a “deal” (was actually looking for a 9mm) on a Remington 1911 R1 I made the plunge, it handles nicely and has a 4lb. 3 oz. trigger from the box, we’ll see how it shoots.

I’m thinking it will need an extended safety, perhaps ambidextrous but will wait and see.

A day later I found a sale on what I’d been looking for to begin with a 1911 in 9mm, specifically a Ruger 1911 CMD-A 9 round model, nice and light and comes with beaver tail and extended safety, an attractive pistol with its two tone finish.

I’m looking forward to some side by side comparisons with my Glocks and CZ’s, the nice thing is have a lot less in both of these than I have in my only other 1911…a CZ Guardian in .45 amp.