Liberals are destroying Freedom in Virginia

Patriots have said it for decades and now the liberal scoundrels in Virginia are proving it true, they are outlawing basic rights guaranteed under both the US and Virginias Constitutions. The Mask is off, they want us subject to them rather than them subject to us the people they are supposedly working for. It’s a dark day and all who have preached compromise are as guilty as the Liberals.

Impeachment morons

I’ve spent more time than I care to watching this garbage, House Moron’s trying to make the Senate act as stupid as they did, trying to dictate how the Senate does its job after sending a Impeachment Package that in no way meets the requirements set forth. A few Grand Standing Democratic Senators are playing ball and a couple of RINOs, sad to see them Prostitute themselves this way. The TV camera brings out the worst in this crew, take it away and the Morons MIGHT at least make an attempt at doing their real jobs.


Wow, the liberal mainstream media didn’t get what they wanted in Virginia so they just lied about what happened, under estimated the numbers, claimed it was nothing but a bunch of White Supreminist ( a huge surprise to the many non-whites there). When the truth doesn’t fit their narrative they simply lie. Governor Blackface/Whitesheet ginned up a slew of lies about how violent they’d be…nope only one arrest for a woman who refused to remove a face mask in 20 something degree weather (why doesn’t anyone ever arrest any of the mask wearing thugs of Antifa? He used this to trample on the rights from both the US and Virginia Constitutions. Several in the media commented on how poorly the fenced area was set up, more like a “killing ground” for the Cops than to protect anyone, as a retired Officer that really makes me mad, I know the street level Officers didn’t come up with that, that type stupidity and evil comes from Brass that has become Political tools rather than “peace officers”. Good on the Demonstrators and shame on the State Officials.

Storm Clouds gathering

Our Neighbors to the north in Virginia are learning the cost of allowing liberal morons to take over governance of their State, believing that they don’t have intentions on their God given and Constitutional Freedoms. Well the true is out now, its an all out assault on them and the Governor has stated his intentions of using force to get his way. God be with those who still believe in Freedom and may the rest of us learn from it. Governor Roy Cooper here in NC has shown he has similar designs on this State.

Sheep Dogs in the Church

It seems sad to have to have armed Security in your place of worship, almost a travesty and many Religious people feel it’s an insult to God. I’m a Deacon in my Church and a retired LEO and yes we have a Security Team that I’m hoping will reevaluate itself after the recent events. Looking back to the rebuilding of the Wall and Temple in Jerusalem in Old Testament times, the rebuilders were told to bring their weapons with them and keep them at their sides as there were those who would try to stop them.

The events in White Settlement Tx. (and yes eventually some Liberal will try to make something of the name), and the video of what transpired make it clear that many lives were saved by the actions there. Two members laid down their lives for their “Brothers and Sisters” and another was able to end it quickly. I pray for them all, what a horrible position to be put in, but the “Evil” put them there and the Good responded and thank God the Good were there and prepared and capable. That was an exceptional shot, a 50 foot head shot is exceptional and as the Gentleman said not one he recommended someone trying but he knew he could do it and it was all that was presented.

Perhaps the next “Evil” will think twice…hopefully….

Well Christmas is all but here

Just around the corner as it were, this whole month has been a blur of activity around our house, November we buried several Friends and a Favorite Nephew of my Wife’s taken way too soon. Christmas reminds us that those who are Christians we’ll see again, and reminds us of God’s greatest gift to Mankind, his Son sent to free us from our Sins and eternal Death.

Last week saw another Winchester 52 R come to my house, one of two rifles I purchased at an Estate sale, the other a Stevens Walnut Hill single shot, both in excellent condition.

And then to top it all off a Winchester 61 from 1942 from consignment at a local gunshop.

This down sizing thing isn’t working out too well so far, I’ve sold two and purchased three, lol.

Ah well, I wish my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year, go out and do something for someone who is in need and can’t possibly repay you. That’s the real spirit of Christmas.

Thanksgiving approaches…

Just a couple of days away, lots to be Thankful for, our repair of our Home nears completion, painting a some new furniture are all that are left. A small group of us from our Church went last Friday to New Bern to try and finish painting a home we’ve been repairing from Hurricane Damage for 14 months now, the owner is a sweet Widow whom we’ve pretty much adopted. One more painting trip should finish it then we’ll be having an official presentation to her. Loads of things going on at our Church which is usual, proud to say we’re a doing Church not stagnant at all, God just keeps giving us opportunities to serve and we take them. The Wife and I are both in pretty good health for now, God willing that will continue, our Son and his Wife and Daughter are well too. Some friends have challenges in their lives so we keep them in our Prayers. Don’t think many read this anymore and no more than is posted anymore I don’t blame them. Likely this whole thing will disappear before much longer as I just don’t have the inclination to post a lot these days. We’ll see. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving, hopefully you can find lots to be thankful for.

This and that…

12,642…that’s the number of Spam attempts stopped on this little blog site in the past six months, that’s how firmly entrenched liars and thieves are in this “internet”…Yeah Al Gore may just have invented this after all.

Traded a non-threaded Ruger SR-22 for a New S&W MP22 Compact Suppressor ready, hey once you go suppressor you never want to go back…and no Dummycrats they’re not SILENT…they’re just not harmfully loud. The Brits consider them an essential health and safety item.

Have a Taylor/Uberti .32-20 coming sometime…they told the LGS it was in stock and they’d get it right out…2 weeks ago, lol.

Life is good, God is Good, all the time.

Look what I found…

I don’t have a lot of Winchesters, though I’ve added some nice ones the last couple of years, M75 Sporter, M72A with Apertures and grooved receiver, a restored 1906. Today I added a 1942 M63 in quite nice condition, I’d owned a Taurus copy several years ago but am delighted to have the “real deal”, not perfect but very nice and a good shooter even at 50 yards which was a test for my old eyes.

Had fun playing around with it at the range today, was able to do some credible shooting even with no Aperture disc, got to fix that.