Another Toy…

I’ve been a bit intrigued by NAA’s Ranger and now Ranger II break top revolvers, I’ve owned several NAA’s and for the most part they’re reliable little pistols. The first Ranger II my LGS was able to obtain had the full range of problems and basically just did nothing quite the way it was supposed to. The LGS put a burr under the Distributors saddle and I had a replacement in 3 days, no complaint there. The second revolver works, not smoothly and with an awful trigger but it does work, compared to the Sidewinder I’ve had for a few years its really pretty sad. I’m going to shoot it some and see if things smooth up and then will likely give NAA a chance to see what they can do with it but I’m not optomistic.

It is cute and I’d love for it to work properly.

T/C’s TCR 22 shows promise…

I was able to purchase a new TCR22 for $299.95 and with the $50 rebate S&W is offering that’s $249.95, a good buy in my opinion. If you just look at the rifle first thought is “oh another 10/22 clone” but there are significant differences and many thing s 10/22 owners like to do to their rifles are already done. The Receiver is drilled at the back so you can clean with a cleaning rod after removing the bolt, it has last shot hold open with factory magazines, its threaded 1/2 x 28 for the most common suppressors. It has a built in “peep” rear and florescent front sight, a Magpul designed stock and clear backing to the magazine so you can keep track of the rounds. Receiver is milled aluminum picatinny ¬†style, the bolt is machined stainless steel (very nicely finished compared to the 10/22. I had a Nikon EFR 3-9x Rimfire scope in my “box o scopes” and mounted it using Weaver bases, it could be mounted lower but I used what was on the scope for expediency.

First shots at 25 yards off a simple bull bag had five rounds cutting each other but the rest was too shaky to make a call accuracy wise but it looks like its going to be a shooter.

455 Scout

With a couple of Suppressors in the approval process (why the heck is this so slow, should be on a Form 4473 at most), I’ve started looking at what they’ll be used on, I have a couple of rifles and pistols but wanted a good handy sized .22 lr bolt action. No secret I’m a fan of CZ’s mid priced rifles and the little Scout now comes threaded so at $300 it’s a great one to start with. For now I’ll be using it stock but some trigger work will likely be done to get it to around 2 lbs. The short LOP isn’t a problem with the Scout for me as I’m a bit barrel chested to begin with.

Mounted for now with a Weaver V16 in Warne 7.3 22 rings it’s a bit large but it’s nice to have the range of magnification the 4-16 offers plus AO as well.

I shot it with its very decent irons sights at the indoor 25 yard range off a simple Caldwell bag and was getting 1/2 inch groups with CCI SV and SK Standard Plus, I removed the rear sight (two screws and some sticky stuff) as the front of the Weaver just wasn’t going to make nice with it. Next I get a good 50 yard zero and start seeing what Subsonic HP’s suit its tastes.

Belgium SA-22 scoped…

I had three SA-22’s at one time, gave one to my Daughter-in-law and this past weekend one to my Brother-in-law, both those were Japanese SA’s. I picked up a very clean, perhaps even unfired late model Belgium a couple of years ago so I decided to scope it and have it for at least some use.

These scream for a high gloss scope so I purchased a Clearidge RM 3-9x Gloss which I think looks just right with this rifle, Browning’s base and gloss rings complete the package.

With 3-9x and AO down to 10 yards these rival the Leupold and Weaver 3-9x scopes for Rimfire us in my opinion, very clear and well made for $219.99 delivered to your door.

Another single shot rimfire…

I have a fascination with single shot rimfires and a month or so ago the LGS got two on consignment, both Winchester 1885’s, one a .17wsm and the other in one of my favorite calibers… .17m2. As readers know I’m in the process of getting a T/C Encore up and running in .17wsm (barrel is back to MGM and they’re likely going to replace it) so while an attractive rifle I’ve already got that covered. The .17m2 is a Low Wall in Hunter configuration, has a Marbles flip up aperture as well as the Buckhorn rear (which I really do not like) and is drilled and tapped for a scope mount. If I can I’m going to leave it Iron sighted and its number Seven in my .17m2 line up, the old eyes can still do pretty well with Peep sights. Rain yesterday kept me from taking any decent photos but a few iPhone quickies will have to do for now, its a good looking little rascal.

Better photos to come.

MGM .17wsm update…

Bad news is I’m getting over 50% failures to fire even after installing a Bellm Hammer spring and Trigger kit, hits appear to be too far inside the rim.

The Good news is after looking at my photos and a very nice conversation with one of their employees they sent me a UPS Return label, the barrel will be going back today, he advised they will likely be building a new barrel for me. So…great customer service with no drama, pretty much all I could ask for.

Short range session with Sako Quad Varmint

I switched out scopes to a SIghtron STAC 4-20x 30mm MOA2 scope as the Nikon that came on the rifle only adjusts down to 50 yards, simply not acceptable on a rimfire rifle to me. Fired 25 rounds each of A17 ammunition, CCI TNT 17gr. HP’s and Hornady 17vmax. No surprise to me that the rifle was accurate with all load and that it did its best with the Vmax loads. With a base zero I’m now ready to take it out to 100 yards on its next range Tripp.

CZ 452 FS and idle thoughts…

I’ve mounted a Weaver Grand Slam 4-16x scope and took it out to zero and do a bit of ammo testing yesterday, it shot well but definitely needs some trigger work, most 452’s do. It was a quick trip and rather than drag a lot of equipment around in the heat I took my smaller Caldwell Bull Bag. ¬†All in all I was pleased, with CCI SV/Norma Match .22/SK Standard plus and SK coming out the clear winner, no surprise to any CZ owner, that oily lube just seems to suit them.

Speaking of Oily things, slimey Spam artists, hows that for a Segway. My Anti Spam system has thwarted 10,490 attempts in the past six months, that from a sight that sells nothings, promotes pretty much nothing…IE no monetary advantage to hacking me. Scumbags abound in our society.

Sako Quad Varmint…

Stopped by the LGS to get a hard case to ship a rifle, got lured into this…no complaints, very nice rig and at a very good price…

.17hmr and .22lr barrels, the .22lr new in its wrappings, total of 5 magazines (3 HMR, 2 .22lr), Nikon Prostaff 5 3.5-14x side focus.

Very nice wood to boot, price about $100 over the prices I’m seeing for the rifle alone on Gunbroker.