Handgun outbreak…

It started with a 9mm that wouldn’t need a booster or Neilsen device to run my 9mm suppressor, a really nice Beretta M9A3 fits that bill very nicely, while at the Shop I was shown some as NIB Glock Police trade ins, honestly I don’t believe they’d ever been issued to an Officer (Cops aren’t that easy on their weapons). Took a really nice G21 Gen 4 home with me. I’d owned a very early G21 but sold it long ago. The next day I went back and got an equally nice G22, never owned one before but have a Advantage Arms .22 conversation that fits plus a Keltec Sub 2000 using Glock mags. in .40 cal. Both Glocks were well below what I’m seeing “well used” ones on Gunbroker.

Beretta M9A3
Glock 21 Gen 4

Just realized I’ve not photographed the G22 Gen 4 yet but hey it looks like a Glock…

Site secured…

A phone call to Go Daddy and a flip of a switch and its secure.

Now on to more pleasant things, taking another to view Rick’s estate resulted in the purchase of  a very nice T/C Encore in ,243 and that precipitated the ordering of a barrel for it from Match Grade Machine in .17wsm.  Seems that’s the surest way to get an accurate rifle in that caliber.

A very nice bit of lumber on this T/C which as most of you know is always a bonus with me. I also picked up a Remington 597M in .22wmr that I was already familiar with, it and one I owned years ago are good shooters and both have shown a preference for Federal 50 gr hp’s.

That’s 16 of Rick’s firearms now in my accumulation, need to stay away from those guns, while at Mace Sports yesterday I spied a CZ Drake in 12 ga. with some decent wood (the Drake is CZ’s entry level O/U with few frills but a reputation for being a solid shotgun at a reasonable price. The wood again, it came home with me, I’ll post a photo or two soon. So I’m back to rimfires and have another O/U that I intend to make a real effort at putting to use this time, only time will tell.

AR Pistol comes together…

Despite the US Postal Services ineptitude my Shockwave Blade brace finally arrived, it sat at the USPS Distribution center in Greensboro for 4 and a half days..no excuse. Now that its here and a shipment of 5 ETS magazines as well I hopefully can try out the new EBP.

ATI Omni AR Pistol, Shockwave Blade brace, Sig Romeo 5 red dot, ETS smoked transparent magazines…now to see how it runs.

This and that…

If AR’s are evil and dangerous, this thing must be just plain Toxic, but so far it’s behaving itself very well, no ones been harmed at all. I actually mostly purchased it because a lot of weak minded folks in this country consider it a bad thing. I’ll keep you advised.

It now sports a Sig Romeo 5 red dot and I have a Shockwave Blade brace coming, boy I know it’ll be really evil then.

I picked up a little Charter Arms Undercoverette .32 H&R Mag. from the gunsmith this afternoon, Thumper’s brother did the work and wow what a transformation, normally I wouldn’t have spent the money on it. I got it on the cheap and the trigger was so bad I knew I’d never use it the way it was. Now its as slick as can be, something seldom said about a Charter Arms pistol.

S&W Governor

How useful are these strange revolvers? I have come into possession of one at a price I couldn’t refuse, one complete with Crimson Trace Laser grips, as NIB with all accessories. After reading several reviews I’m really not so certain that it fills any need not better filled by some other firearm. I’ve used Speer Shot Shells in 38/357 and 44 and even 9mm to good affect on Snakes out to 15 feet or so and generally beyond that distance unless close to the house etc. there is no need to kill them. For self defense I suspect a good 9mm to 45 acp would be easier to wield and more effective. I intend to do some playing around with the Governor and we’ll see if it impresses me more than it has so far.

Using any .410 2.5 inch shell as well as .45 Colt and .45 ACP via Moon Clips it is versatile but I’m not sure it’s effective.

A Black Friday deal for me…

Usually Black Friday is a day for us Guys to go and hide while the Women folk go out and  do battle for the elusive “Bargain”, this year my LGS’s online ad actually had something that grabbed my attention rather than generating a yawn. S&W is rumored to have made these for some overseas Law Enforcement Agency, I really have no idea but they’ve never appeared in S&W’s online product summaries while the .357 version has. I shudder to think of firing one of these with full bore .357 ammunition, I one owned a Charter Arms Police Bulldog which weighted 21 oz. vs the 13-14 ozs. of these, it made my 4 inch S&W .44 mag seem tame. That said, in the heat of battle so to speak most would never notice the recoil if they’ve spent any time with the gun at all. My intent is to use the 130gr FMJ non plus P .38 loads for practice and then carry with Speer’s 135gr Gold Dot +P .38 Special. Point of impact should be close within 15 yards and that’s the likely extreme range one of these is going to be used. Back in the day we practiced with Wadcutters and carried full power on duty and that practice worked well for those who put in significant practice. The revolver is known as the 360J, a Scandium framed, stainless barrel and blackened stainless cylinder revolver, its hairy chested .357 counterpart is the 360SC or 360PD and they have Titanium cylinders and weight about .5 ounce to 1 ounce less. These are obviously made to carry much and shoot with fun power loads little but practice will prove very helpful in controlling them. Pictures for those who have to have ’em.

Okay for the “bargain” part of this story, these were marked down to $329 and S&W has a $50 rebate on these and several other handguns, so with taxes and all I’m going to end up with $303 in it, now that’s a Bargain. Insert large ear to ear smiley face.

VIR again…

Another long range Saturday at VIR with Ken Barfield’s LR Shooting class, a very good group including a husband and wife with the wife saying she didn’t know that she could do this. She did great and by the end of the day was walking around with a huge grin on her face. Quite windy most of the afternoon which made things a lot more interesting..

Ken attempting to make ’em understand ranging and using the charts.

Not everyone was intent on learning….

On the 500/800 yard firing line, a couple of those leaning trees actually came down while we were shooting, kinda breezy.

CZ 527 American in .221 followed me home…

unfortunately it didn’t bring any ammunition with it, dang that stuff isn’t easy to find and a bit pricy when you do, got some on the way, mounted a Nikon 5 3.5-14x BDC. Supposedly only 20 rounds through it, you know the routine, only driven to the range on Sundays etc. It is clean as a pin without a mark on it and the test target is just sick even if it is at 50 yards. Photos will have to wait on Sun Shine along with the .17m2. Expensive week so far but some nice additions to the accumulation.

Big Dog food and eyes…

I purchased four boxes of Prvi Partisan 9.3×62 from a gentleman in Jonesbough Tn. at a very reasonable price so now the Big Dog can eat, looking forward to getting it to the range…I think.

Had a Weaver 3-9x scope a friend had given me which I’ll do my initial testing with, we’ll see if something else will be better, eye relief could be a bit longer frankly as I feel like I’m having to crawl the stock a bit, we’ll see.

Should be an interesting experience, my gunsmith says the 9.3×62 isn’t really bad, more of a long shove than some of the Magnums.

Cleaning day, followed by range day…

It’s a lot more fun but only ensures there will be another cleaning day which is fine, it only takes a little while to clean them and getting them dirty usually lasts a lot longer. Confirming the 100 yard zero on the Creedmoor, took only 4 shots. one at 50 yards then three at 100, love it. The 6.5×55 consumed a good bit more time and ammo, got it on paper at 50 yards then started load testing at 100. The Prvi Partisan wasn’t well received by it and frankly I was getting a bit discouraged, mostly 1 1/2 to 2 inch groups, not what I usually expect from CZ rifles or Prvi ammunition. A switch to Hornady 140 SST’s made a huge difference with 3/4 to 1 inch consistent grouping, with groups 2″ high at 100 yards its good to go. The CZ 527 in 6.5 Grendel is still a puzzle, I only was able to obtain two loads for break in and testing, Hornady 123 Amax and Federal Gold Medal Match 130 Berger. The factory test target showed Hornady 123’s in a three shot group of 1 1/2 inches at 50 meters, not very optimistic about this ammo, but the rifle did much better than that but not as good as I’d like. It would put one shot then two an inch or more away touching or almost touching, I’m thinking/hoping its a bedding issue, we’ll see. The Berger bullets didn’t group at all, three shot groups from 1 1/2 to 2 inches, hopefully something else will group, I’ve got two more brands ordered for testing. Only time will tell.

Now I need to clean again.