One of THOSE days…

Yesterday was sight in the Black Powder rifles day, I’d purchased a T/C Impact last year but never got around to shooting it, recently I’d purchased a T/C Renegade hybird as well so I figured it was time. I’d bore sighted the Impact and the first shot was 4 inches low and  an inch right at 50 yards, not bad, with a little dialing it was quickly hitting perfectly at 2 inches high and vertically centered. Good to go and only four shots expended…sweet.

The Renegade being a used rifle, I’d run a patch down it not long after I’d purchased it and all looked good and clean, test fired a couple of caps that blew leaves about three feet on a table top so I’m thinking good to go. NOT…loaded up with 70grs. of Triple 7 loose powder a T/C pre-lubed patch and a Speer round ball. Capped with a Speer cap, settled in on the rest, pop…no boom? Several more tries (and after noticing a bit of looseness tightening the hammer screw) and still no go. 🙁

Set the still loaded Renegade aside while I did a preliminary cleaning of the inline (pulled the breech plug, ran a wet and then two dry and another wet patch down it), I then turned my attention back to the Renegade. Tried to pull the ball, no luck, the puller just wasn’t getting a good bite on the ball. Finally loaded it all up then took it home. Stopped by the local pawn shop later in the morning (Haw River Outdoors) and Bill (the owners dad) who does a lot of clean up and repairs there says heck we can get it to shoot. We screw out the nipple and cram all the powder we can in and still screw the nipple back in, then we take a short drive out of the city limits to some land they have leased, cap her and it click…boom, just a fraction of a hang fire but she fired…thank you Lord.

Back home the adventure continued, I’ve never encountered the problems I had cleaning that rifle but suffice it to say two grown men fought that thing into surrendering to being cleaned but had every problem I’d ever heard of with it. That said it got the cleaning of its life and every nook and cranny is clean now. What caused all this I have no idea, maybe oil at the nipple which killed the powder there…who knows but I’m only sort of looking forward to taking it back out, lol.