Bow season starts Saturday…

Even with 90º temps today I felt the need to take a step closer to the possibility of taking a Deer with my Crossbow, shooting the Crossbow is far more physical than shooting a rifle so it didn’t take long for me to get my fill in these temperatures. The Wife sitting in her easy chair with the Polor Pac on her knee found it humorous to watch me sweating on on the deck.  🙁  I saw little humor in it but soldiered on.

My Son had cut me a shooting lane into the wood behind our house and from the edge of our deck to a large oak is 23 yards, with a target set in front of it and me backing up near the house I’ve got a solid 25 yards. For a beginning Crossbow shooter this is a pretty decent distance to practice for now. I shot three arrows at the two bulls at the top on the Shoot N See target to see how the zero was holding up. The first was about four inches low but the next two were satisfactory, in fact I thought pretty good.

I then slowly and deliberately shot three more arrows, resting and catching my breath (remember I’ve got significant COPD issues) and I was well pleased.


Close up of the last three shots, I’m not claiming to be ready to go but I did find this pretty encouraging.

Now if I could get some cooler weather to practice in I’d be a happy camper.


Excalibur Axiom…

First feather flinging device I’ve owned since a Bear Black Bear back in the 70’s or 80’s, I stunk with it and quickly went back to  hunting with Rifles and Pistols but several friends using Crossbows have convinced me to take a stab at them and so far I’m very pleased. Well except for trying to rip a couple of fingers off but hey I’ll learn…hopefully quickly.  🙄

The Beast…a Excalibur Axiom that shoots a “bolt” at about 305 fps using a 150 gr field point or “Bolt Cutter” broad head, dang if this thing won’t almost bury a bolt to its fletching on a target made for high speed crossbows.

It came with a 2.5x scope which is calibrated for cross bows and had markings for multiple yardages.

A measured 20 yards to the target which is where they recommend doing your sighting in. First shot about 2 inches low, second left then the next three made a very satisfying little 1 inch cluster just left of center.

From there I proceeded to repeat pretty much the same three shot clusters a couple of more times, I’m very impressed with how it shoots.

Excalibur uses recurve limbs instead of pulleys and cables and it makes for a very simple and inexpensive bow to maintain. New string is about $20, replacing pulley and cable and strings on most other bow…$120. Lets see now….yep makes sense to this cheap old goat.

One caveat and it applies to most of these, be very careful cocking these things and handling them in general, a wet foot slipped out of the stirrup while cocking and got me a couple of well smashed fingers.  😳

Don’t know if I’ll ever hunt with this thing or not but its nice to have the option and its danged sure plenty powerful and accurate enough.