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  1. After retiring from the FAA as a Air Traffic Controller of 30 years and from 17 years as a Reserve Police Officer I had gotten pretty serious about collecting or as I call it Accumulating Rimfire Firearms, I’ve been a Moderator on Rimfire Central for several years and now I’m going out on my own with this Blog for “MostlyRimfires”. Hope you’ll join in the discussions and comments once I get this bird off the ground.

  2. Today at the LGS the manager was showing me two Marlin 39’s, one a Ballard rifled 1952 model with a J prefix and the other a 1955 39a, both had been reblued with a highly polished finish and the wood finished with a high shine as well. When I see such it just makes me sick, I would much rather have a rifle with honest wear than one that someone has tarted up. I presently have three 39’s, a 1976 39A…

     photo DSCN0966.jpg

    A 1970 39CL also in that photo and a recently acquired 1971 Article II that is NIB with all the papers.

     photo DSC01386.jpg
     photo DSC01381.jpg

  3. Folks bear with me as I try and figure out how to make this a place you want to visit from time to time, I’ve been very disappointed with WordPresses tutorials so far as they seem to assume you know something about the process, I in fact do not, lol.

  4. Just had an experience that cements my decision to start this, seems one person can refer to another as not being an intelligent human being, but don’t let the other comment on the tiny brain it takes to worry about someones post count on a forum. Not sure I understand why the first is okay but the second gets one a warning. Those of you visiting, feel free to post a reply with any comments or questions you may have. If its your first time it may not show up until I approve it, but once one is approved you should be good to go after that.

  5. Gerald, I appreciate you starting the blog as rimfire sites are pretty scarce and I’d imagine this is the first “blog” on the subject. Good luck getting it off the ground. I’m active on Rimfire Central, and plan to keep up with your postings. Ray.

  6. Thank you my friend, I’m open to suggestions on topics and hope folks will post their ideas, photos of their firearms (I know some folks who have some nice ones) and such. Posting photos is just like posting hosted photos on “that other place”, lol.

  7. Hello my friend. Looks like a good start to things here. I’ll be stopping in and try to keep up with all the goings on. Dust still not settled on everything with my recent situation and been as busy as can be. I hope this finds all well for you and yours.

  8. Good to see you here Brother, time heals all, that and the knowledge that God’s in charge and this is just a way station on our journey. I’m good, the family is good, God is good.

  9. Thanks Ted, glad to have you stopping by.

    Just a note to all, at the bottom left of the main page are links to the three Posting sections here.Thanks

  10. This is looking good. It must be hard work, learning how to get the computer to do what you want. Mine seldom does as it’s told!
    Keep up the good work.

  11. Welcome Dennis, it’s been an adventure for me at least, lots of new things to learn, fortunately another member from the forum got on with me one night and helped me tremendously…Thanks again Brett.

  12. Dennis, using the Photobucket links the HTML are what work with this system, feel free to post your photos folks.

  13. A big thank you to you Wheelgun, that hour plus of assistance got me off and running, I appreciate it greatly.

  14. How’s it going Greg, I’ve got five 10/22’s but I’ve gone in different directions with mine, they’re set up for accuracy, the whole Air Soft modding scene has grown huge but I’ve just not caught that bug.

    My 10/22’s…
     photo DSC00829.jpg
     photo DSC01128.jpg
     photo DSC01364.jpg
    All are capable of putting five shots in a 1/2 group at 50 yards off the bench.

  15. Looks great Gerald. I’ll have something else to get addicted to looking at.

  16. Nice to go to a place where people actually put their name down. Especially when you know who most of them are. Good people here (I will exclude myself).

  17. Howdy Brother, at least two of them have your modded barrels, three of them your bolts and one your modded trigger, if anyone wants to turn their stock Ruger barrel into a much better shooter Que is the man. His bolt blue printing and barrel set back/rechambering is outstanding, and he’s a fine Christian Man.

  18. Just finished cleaning up an old Cooey 82 military trainer. Cleaned the years of grime out of the stock and took the rust off the barrel. A few coats of Birchwood Casey stock finish and a coat of black etch-primer on the metalwork and she looks good again. Made a polished brass butt-plate for the stock, just to add a bit of class! Just need to find a rear aperture sight and all will be as good as new.

  19. Saving the older guns is a great thing, especially those with some historical value, not to mention they’re often a real treat to shoot as well. When you get it where you want it post us some photos Dennis, thanks.

  20. hope to learn a lot from you Gerald . Rimfire enthusiast community would be happy to find this blog.

  21. Hmmmmm, that means I will have to join one of those picture publishing sites and I really hate those places. Just call me a silly old bugger from down-under but that’s the way I am, I hate publishing stuff where the whole world can see and copy it if they want to, although why they would want to steal anything I publish is beyond me.

  22. Gerald, I muddled through the photobucket thing and posted a link to where the photo is.
    It’s my new Savage with a Savage thumb-hole stock instead of the crappy plastic thing they fit as standard. Scope is a 12×56 Nikko Sterling Nighteater with adjustable objective. Just got to get to the range and sight it in.

  23. Try using the link that starts with HTML next time and I “believe” the photo will show rather than being a link, or I may be wrong. 🙂

  24. Using the link beginning with HTML may allow the photo to show with out using the link, putting the FV-SR in a wooden stock is a big improvement in my experience at least, the flex synthetic really bugged my gunsmith friend. He kept calling it the “Rubbermaid trashcan stock”, implying both what it is made of and where he felt it belonged, lol.

  25. So I just put HTML in front of the link? Or is there another link? Bah, humbug, why is this so easy for a 5 year old and not for me?
    Silly thing about that stock is that it is a standard Savage stock that comes with the Savage heavy long barrel rifle but isn’t available with the short barrel version down here. Working in a gun shop, I get to play with things and we had a heavy barrel thumbhole gun on the shelf along with the “shorty”. I grabbed the allen key and took the actions out of both guns and did the swap.
    Then I bought the result. Then I bought a scope.
    That was the end of my wages for a while.
    Down here it takes a while for the Police issued “Permit To Acquire” to come through before you can take a firearm home, anywhere from 10 days to over a month depending on how things are going at the NSW Police Firearms Registry.
    hang on to your “Second Amendment”, whatever you do!!!!!

  26. It can be more than a bit frustrating, on our Photobucket at least there are four choices under the links selection, Email & Im, Direct, HTML and last IMG. I use HTML to post photos here. Try it and see if it works, we’re all learning together on this I’m afraid. 😉

  27. Gerald, I am an USFS/US Army MSC/EPA retiree (nearly 33 years total, and then spent another 13 years with GA EPD as an ecological risk analyst. I have enjoyed seeing and reading your knowledgeable comments on RFC. I get esoteric once in a while, but mostly I just wonder where we went wrong with out younger generations. I think it started with Dr. Spock, and proceeding to trying to make everybody happy and feel good. It took me several years [not to long ago] to convince my wife that sometimes “NO.” is the proper answer.
    But back to .22s. It took 3 years of drought here Georgia to get me back to .22s. It got to hard to get a boat in the water at dry ramps to fish. So I went back to my boyhood love of shooting. Stumbling on to RFC awakened the whole small caliber world and what I had been missing since the ’60s when I got that “neat” job offer from the US Army. I had a Mossberg 44b I bought from a school teacher about my age that worked for me on the ranger district one summer. I shot it in a couple .22 matches at Ft. McPherson trying to do like I used to do in college. I got a couple trophies, but that fell by the wayside with marriage, family, career, etc..

    Then RFC entered my life, kids were grown and gone, creeks were dry, but there was the DNR rifle range. I started shooting that old 44b along with my SA and Rossi pump and a couple .22 pistols. One thing led to another and I thought I should do better than the 44b was doing at 50 yd.s So, I sold it to the ‘Old Gun Bunny’ and bought a CZ Silhouette and a Savage MK IIg on the same day. Just kind of happened that way. Soon a Rem. Model Five joined the stable. While the last 3 shoot very good, especially the Mdl Five, none really shot as good as the Mossberg 44b. I knew I should never have sold it. I still could have bought the others in time.
    What shooting did do for me was renew my interest in target shooting, shooting in general, and spark an old interest into a new flame. I have had more fun adding another pistol or rifle along the way, making new friends on the web and in person, and now (finally) in retirement, something I can do if the creeks are to high or to dry.
    I have bookmarked your page and look forward to your words of wisdom, or the world in general which is a little crazy.

  28. Bob, great to have another “seasoned shooter” as “noremf” on RFC puts it, I’ve owned a couple of Mossy’s, they’re great rifles and almost unfailingly good shooters, I own way too many Rimfires (well the wife says I do at least) and have found that no matter the brand they’re just plain fun.

    I think we’re on the same wave length as far as where we’ve gotten off track with the Kid’s and a lot of other things, my Grand Daughter is the Apple of my eye but I’ll be the first to say her Parents have let her grow up a lot different than they did, but I’ll bet my Grand Parents said the same about me. I hope you enjoy your time here, do some exploring the layout is a bit odd but I’ve not figured out how to fix it all yet. 🙂

  29. just checking in buddy. hope all is well for you and yours. staying busy over here. decided to put a Buckmark together for myself and it still needs a little work. also started on a Rock Island 1911 in .45. really just wanted it to mess with as it reminded me of the gov’t .45 I was around for a few years. afraid it ain’t going to look that way once finished.

  30. Howdy Brother Que, good to hear from you, alls well on my home front and I hope they’re settling down on yours, we think of you and your family often. Sounds like a couple of good projects going there, the Rock Island’s have the reputation of being a good base to build on and you never go wrong with a Buckmark. Please post up in the centerfire and rimfire sections with what you have going on, this place is for all my friends too and I’d like you folks to feel free to post your projects as well. God Bless and keep us up to date.

  31. I must be blind as a bat, I missed seeing mention of your blog at Rimfire Central until today. I’ve bookmarked your blog site and look forward to reading it – you’ve always had great advice and insights.

  32. Welcome j.r. its good to have you drop by, this is nothing like RFC just a place where a few friends can share things so feel free to post where ever you feel like. The lay out of the front page really needs work but hopefully I’ll get it more user friendly soon, click on one of the three categories at the bottom of this page to open things up. Again, good to have you drop by.

  33. Gerald,

    I wanna see pictures of all your rimfire guns. 😉


    PS – No, I don’t work for the federal government.

  34. Well hang around long enough and you might see them all, which ones in particular are you interested in?

  35. One of my fishing trips this spring (I mentioned fishing…) is going to cost me this fall. I tore a tendon in my rotator cuff loading my boat back the end of April which will need repair. The Dr. said I could wait until after the opening of dove season to have surgery. I would not be able to swing a shot gun by dove season if I had surgery tomorrow. Fishing will be limited to catfish, no casting allowed. And I need to be more careful loading the boat (:-( . So my summer will be painful and limited, but I can still shoot on the range for a while. I might have to back off the .45 and the 9 mm.s, and stick with the .22 pistols left handed. And so it goes. Interesting reading in the posts above. You would never guess the liberals think we are the bain of mankind, would you. VH

  36. Bob, you’ve got a few years on me (I turn 63 in a bit over a week), but yours is a good example of how Rimfires keep us shooting. I had bypass surgery back in 2007 and the Doctor said no shooting for two months and then only light recoiling (sounds like Rimfire to me) stuff until six months. I really enjoyed the Rimfires and still shoot a lot more of them than anything else. Thanks for joining us here.

  37. Enjoyed all the info at rfc and just found this. I will follow, thanks for all the info!

  38. Gerald,
    I am glad to see this up and running. I hope to get around to contributing photos and ideas. Thanks for helping me in navigating the CZ universe!

  39. Glad to have you Scott, as you see I’m spending more time on Saubier lately, trying to broaden my horizons as it were. Be sure and poke around a bit, the front page doesn’t show the links to the different sections until the bottom.

  40. Hopefully you folks will notice a change or two here, trying to make things a bit more interesting and the flow a little easier to follow, got a little advise from an IT guy and hopefully will get some more down the road.


  41. Okay, I pretty much give up on some people, I’ve dealt with a company for about 3 or 4 years and hundreds of others have as well, they’re known for good products and great customer service, they’ve responded to what people want repeatedly in their product line. For all that one Canadian supposed machinist/gunsmith (who won’t identify either himself or his company) has done a hatchet job on them for years. When I was a Moderator I tried to get rid of the guy (there are rules against bashing vendors) but the management wouldn’t do so even when he was going to other forums and telling known falsehoods about the management and me, never did figure out what was up with that. He’s been kicked off the Ruger forum for the same type activity but no one seems to have the nerve to stand up to his mess now. How do you combat a serial liar? Most of his allegations won’t pass a smell test, just frustrating to me. 🙁

  42. Frustration grows, management wimped out on the situation referred to above, so basically they’ll let some unknown yahoo (the person making false statements will not identify himself or his business so as far as we know its a competitor trying to damage their business) bad mouth a well respected Sponsor but not let another person tell the substantiated truth about the situation. Doesn’t say much for the caliber of people running the show there, but I’ve been pointing that out for months now. As long as revenues are up I guess its all good, what a shameful situation.

  43. Hi…just caught glimpses of your .22 Mauser 201, lovely rifle…noted that you are having the feeding issues with this rifle. I have the ‘Luxus’ 201 and she is a real gem but, before I go on a tangent about the quality of this rife, a pointer for you on the feed issues. Try mounting the scope slightly higher – I noticed that mine would eject the cases with such force when cycling the cases would shoot up vertically out of the receiver and therefore hit the bottom of the scope-tube and drop back into the receiver, causing the ‘jams’. When I installed medium mounts (instead of the low I had on), hey presto, feeding like a sweet thing ever since! The walnut stock on mine and, the deep lustre blueing is by any standards, exceptional. The ‘201’ was the last model rimfire rifle made by the Mauser (Voere prior) company when Mauser, was ‘Mauser’ as we know it. Worst thing that ever happened IMO was the move out of the original Oberndorf factory and the purchasing of the Mauser company by Blaser. Learn to understand the rifles quirks and foibles and with time you really will realise that even with today’s most modern technology you will not be in possession, or shoot, a finer built rimfire, ever – enjoy it, it’s the best.

  44. Thanks for your Input Steve, I’m fortunate to own several fine German rifles and I’m sure once I get a couple of things worked out this one will be a very welcome addition.

  45. LOL….Over at the AK Forums I posted about how some people there (didn’t mention any names) seemed to be so wrapped up in post counts. Boy, did that bring out the keyboard warriors and their groupies, and the normal people. It turned into about 10 page battle. I guess some people have nothing better to do than to try and elevate their “status” on the forum, and I guess post count is the way it’s measured. Never mind the quality of the posts. I really struck a nerve with that thread. I loved it.

  46. I have often stated that it would be better if there were no post counts Fred, my count went sky high while I was recovering from a triple bypass and also because I’m a professional communicator (all controllers are as you well know) and I’m opinionated. I don’t deny it and respect those who that bothers but I can no more help it than stop breathing. Welcome to the blog there are a couple of Business Pros around here I know so you’re not entirely alone.

  47. Well as anyone can see I’ve not spent a lot of my time on the Blog portion of this site, mostly do little posts on various Firearms I acquire, but today I see I’ve reached 11,000 views since July of 2015 which just amazes me, I never thought it this would do so well. To those who visit….Thank You.

  48. That is a Williams Sight that attaches via the two rear scope mount screw holes, actually works well with the factory front sight.

  49. Went by the large LGS here in Mebane, picked up 1,000 rounds of 230 gr .45 Ball and 1,000 rounds of 165gr. .40 S&W, a couple of more 22 rd. magazines for the new Keltec Sub2000. Talking with the owner he said the EBR’s are selling like Hotcakes, the Gun Salesman of the Decade strikes again. A Facebook post I read tried to make the argument that the 2nd Amendment only applied to non-semiautos and low capacity magazines, must smell funny where his head is.

  50. Gerald, after seeing you’re last post on RFC I saw this link and came to check it out. Looks like you are trying to let it die off. Understandable.

  51. Yes, this whole thing was started after a 30 day ban for something. I’ve pretty much let this portion of the Blog go and only post on the other things (Mostly Rimfire).

  52. Hello Gerald: WOW !!!!!! $149.97 for the DIP trigger guard for the Steyr Zephyr II. For that price, I will stick to the one that came with the rifle. For my 3 Zephyrs, that would cost me close to $450.00 !!!!!!!
    On some other notes–do you know of anyone who shoots the Anschutz 1710 DKL and have any info. on their thoughts on price vs rifle.
    I am also trying to find info on the Hickory Hill Gun Club- Glasgow, Va. that I belonged to in the late 1960’s and early 70’s. It was an NRA affiliated club on a farm owned by Mr & Mrs. William Trimpi. A number of VMI and Washington & Lee profs. also were members. So far just a dead end on info.—-any ideas on what to do

  53. Bob is proud of his trigger guards alright, I have two of his on CZ452’s, a .22 FS and a .17m2 American in Maple, just isn’t enough of an improvement to make me buy more.

    As a matter of fact I own and shoot a Anschutz 1710 DKL but purchased mine long ago (6-8 years at least) for $1200 shipped from a member of RFC who had money problems and had purchased but never fired it. I see they’re selling for near $2400 now days. They shoot very well with ammunition they like, on the order of 1/3 inch and sometimes less at 50 yards but the stock isn’t conducive to bench rested shooting as the fore end is very narrow.

    I’m afraid I’m no help on the Gun Club, the name sounds familiar though.

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