The real problem

The past weekends shootings bring more howls for “gun control” as a solution but in both cases (and we won’t even mention the mass shooting that is Chicago every weekend) mental health issues are the root causes. Until we identify and deal with the mentally ill in this country these type shootings will continue. The El Paso shooting was a known “white supremacist”, who loves them? But the left wing nut jobs insist Trump inspired him, hell Adolf Hilter is more likely, calling for a secure Border hardly qualifies as hate speech unless you’re a left wing nut yourself.

The Dayton shooter it turns out was a Left Wing nut job of the worse order, hating Trump and embracing Socialism, I’m betting we don’t hear a lot about this loser. Note he was engaged by the Dayton PD’s brave officers and stopped within 30 seconds, tragic loss of life but heroic job Guys.

We seriously need to work on identifying these losers early and before they can commit these crimes, banning an object has Zero effect.

4 thoughts on “The real problem

  1. Excellent 8/6/19 post. Now we have the left’s cry to “do something right now” in a knee jerk reaction what will surely contain “unintended consequences” for law following gun owners. Like you stated, the “nut jobs” need to be ferreted out. Too many have slipped through the cracks with horrific results.

  2. I see your NC Gov. Cooper appears to be trying to approach our NJ Gov. Murphy in the antigun law area. And the “good folks get screwed” and the “nut jobs” keep doing their damage.
    One of my shooting buddies ( 36 years younger than me ) picked up a CZ 457 .22 lr American. I am going to the range with him tomorrow morning to sight in his scope. I ( like a nice fellow ) gave him one of my training rifle iron sighted barrels so he can have the best of 2 worlds. The 60 degree bolt throw on the 457 let him use Leupold rimfire low mounts where with the same scope on my 452’s and 455’s I have to use their high mounts. Anyway, he is “tickled pink” with his new rifle.

  3. Cooper’s election was a “miracle” when almost every other Blue stater went down he got elected, he now is against every campaign for voter identification put forward because he knows what got him where he is. Enough said, he’s an embarrassment.

    Your friend should enjoy the 457, mine has been very accurate so far with some real improvements at least to my way of thinking.

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