The months fly by

Many things to occupy our time, home and family demand our time, Church as well. Just seems to be too little time in the day. While I still spend a fair amount of time with my “toys” it seems I seldom get to shoot them. A shame. But that’s life.

5 thoughts on “The months fly by

  1. You are so very right! Work 5 days a week, Sunday is our Church Day with the Wife & I teaching Sunday School and then Church, then we pick a place to eat out for Lunch as a treat and then home for chill time. Saturday seems to always be full of things needing to be done around the place which leaves very little time for shooting and range time! Plus, most of my shooting supplies and toys are at home in southern Louisiana and I’m here at Scott AFB in southern Illinois! I know my toys miss me too! 🙂

  2. The older we get the less time we seem to have, the wife and I have been on a major clean out spree. I’ve had a 20 cubic yard dumpster parked in the driveway up until yesterday when they picked it up, plus quite a few trips to the county landfill. Still waiting on the Contractors to start on the framing tear out and then restoration, ready for it to start but dreading it at the same time. Get home and give those toys a work out its good for you and them.

  3. I went to the indoor range/gun store today. There must have been at least 50 of the Troy a4 “other firearms” on the wall racks. It looked like an arsenal. I am still trying to sell 2 CZ75 Kadet II’s but there are no buyers around. The S&W 14-3 I picked up a week or so ago really shoots well. It was 90 degrees in NJ yesterday, and we are in the high 50’s now. Next time my daughter visits, I will send you a picture of my trio of Grand Finales after she takes it.

  4. It’s been record setting warm here as well, funny most of the records being broken have been from the 1920’s, almost funny but the “Global warming” folks don’t like us bringing that up. Structural work on the house is mostly finished, HVAC and inspection the two biggest things remaining then the Wife getting her new flooring and oh yes can’t we take out that half wall at the dining room and, and, and….

  5. Finally chilly in Jersey–rainy also. Do you have any experiences with the Remington 504 .22 cal. rifle? There is one for sale near me. Price is $895. I have never owned one so am not familiar with their quality or value.

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