Taylor/Uberti .32-20

It got in last week and yesterday I took it out to the Club for some break in, I’d accumulated 350 rounds of assorted ammunition, a box of Remington, a box of Blackhills and a box of Ultramax plus 4 boxes of Reeds Ammo 100 gr XTP loaded to 1280 per the maker. The Reeds Ammo is too hot for many old guns but they’d assured me in full on replica Colt it would be fine. I adopted the load one, skip one , load four of the old timers and it’s simple and leaves an empty chamber under the hammer. Shooting wise this revolver quickly tickled me pink, shooting at 1/2 scale Humanoid steel I was quickly making head shots and upper torso shots at 25 yards. I found cocking the hammer with my left thumb was quick and effective, the sights worked better than I expected. All in all a great shooting replica of a piece of Americana.

Made for a great prelude to the 4th of July, a replica of one of the firearms that tamed this country and a great companion to my Marlin 1894 in .32-20.

Huzzah for America, Happy 4th of July

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  1. Happy 4th to you also. I decided to sell off 2 40 cal CZ 75’s and 2 Kadet adaptors. I will keep my 2 9mm 75’s and their respective Kadet adaptors. I applied for 2 NJ pistol permits—a long form with 2 references(not relatives), a criminal background check and a “mental health background check”. Now I need to wait about 6 weeks for the permits–can only use 1 every 30+ days (try less than 30 days and you get in big trouble). Then go thru the NCIS stuff at point of purchase. My local gun store has 2 real nice S&W model 41’s (not sure of build dates) and a pristine S&W Model 14-3. They want big bucks for them–a little over $1000 each. Time will tell if I buy them or something else. About what are these Smiths selling for in your area of NC?

  2. I paid just under $1300 for my NIB Model 41, tax included…you almost never see a used one in this area and if you do and its in good to very good condition it won’t be priced a lot less than a new one. As to a Model 14, I don’t recall seeing one locally in the past 10 years, I still have mine but couldn’t tell you the last time I shot it. Here if you have a concealed carry permit you can walk in and buy multiple handguns and walk out the door with them after filling out the 4473, your concealed carry waves the NCIC’s check. I checked the completed auctions on Gun Broker (always a good source if you only go by the ones actually sold) and prices for a 14 ranged from $450 for pretty rough one to $595 for a nice one with target hammer/trigger and grips. Lots of unsold ones around $700 and up.

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