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12,642…that’s the number of Spam attempts stopped on this little blog site in the past six months, that’s how firmly entrenched liars and thieves are in this “internet”…Yeah Al Gore may just have invented this after all.

Traded a non-threaded Ruger SR-22 for a New S&W MP22 Compact Suppressor ready, hey once you go suppressor you never want to go back…and no Dummycrats they’re not SILENT…they’re just not harmfully loud. The Brits consider them an essential health and safety item.

Have a Taylor/Uberti .32-20 coming sometime…they told the LGS it was in stock and they’d get it right out…2 weeks ago, lol.

Life is good, God is Good, all the time.

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  1. Hello Gerald from a wet and rainy NJ. I finally made my decision and will pick up today my S&W 17-3 with target hammer and trigger–$635 My other 17-3’s all have the regular hammer and trigger. I think I will sell off a couple .40 and .45 semis and get the S&W14-3 in 38 cal. The back and forth of the slide on the 40 and 45 cal semis is playing havoc with my right shoulder. I shot a box of 40 and half a box of 45 yesterday and that was about it. The revolvers even the with 357 cartridges do not bother my shoulder like the 40 and 45 semis do. (142 grain FMJ Fiocchi 357)
    I applied for my 2 permits on 7/2/19 and I got them on 8/22/19 — real slow.

  2. Wow nearly two months waiting, we’re spoiled here, with my Concealed Carry I can walk out with my purchases, no delays as there is no call in, the CCP covers all that. You’ll enjoy the 17 and 14, I’ve had a couple of 17’s but just never the “right one”, maybe some day. My 14 is going nowhere, with wadcutters it has little more recoil than a .22 and with hot loads not a lot less effective than a .357.

  3. Your mention of CCP reminds me that In our anti gun state, if you work at a gun range some allow the range safety officers to carry. If you are not current or ex law enforcement, the range officer can only carry in the physical establishment. In order to do that, those folks have to apply for a special carry license. The only folks aside from law enforcement that can openly carry outside are people that work for Brinks, Garda or other money transport or security companies and that is only during working hours. Regular folks with CCP really do not exist in NJ. 31 days to wait for the Model 14-3–we are on the “one a month handgun plan”. Try to violate it and bad things can happen — like being refused for any more permits.

  4. I can only say I’m glad I live where I do but our Governor would love to push us toward your laws, hopefully he’s a one hit wonder.

  5. I have my S&W Model 17-3 with the target hammer and trigger. Wow, the trigger surely is wide.
    The newish S&W Model 648 .22 magnum appears to be a couple hundred dollars less than the Model 48 Classic. I do not have any 22 magnums at present.
    The S&W Model 14-3 is still in the store as well as a Model 48 Classic. Decisions, decisions…..
    Hopefully the hurricane heads far out to sea.

  6. Sorry to be so “chatty”—like my mother said many years ago “vaccinated with a victrolla needle” Have you had any experience with the Colt Trooper Mk. III in 22lr?
    The reason I ask is I went to the gun shop this afternoon to check out the S&W Model 14-3 and some K22’s. They had the 22 cal Colt Trooper in a locked display case with original box. The price on the tag was $895. The gun was in great shape and built like a tank.

  7. I have no experience with the Trooper Series at all really, I did own an early Officers Model Match in .22lr and frankly found it a better revolver than the couple of S&W K22’s and 617’s I’ve owned. They are getting quite expensive these days. .22 Magnum handguns are fun to play with but very loud, they hold a distinct power edge over a .22lr but whether the extra power is worth the noise I’m not sure. I own several .32 cal. handguns from .32 SW Long up to the very loud and frisky .32 Federal Magnum. I find the .32 SW Long and .32 H&R Magnums a better step up than the .22 WMR in a revolver. Just my opinion.

  8. I checked the Colt and S&W’s again this morning. The Colt .22 cal Trooper had not only rotation movement but also back and forth cylinder movement while holding the hammer and pulling the trigger. The 14-3 was fine in all respects.
    I looked again at the Model 48 Classic but figured this would be adding a new cartridge that I really did not want to do. So, to make a long story short, the Model 14-3 comes home with me on 9/24/19. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it. Now to locate a “K 32”. I have not seen one in ages.
    What was interesting–they had a rifle marked “Breda 1924” with the Mannlicher Schoenauer action. I believe the caliber was a “6. something”. The action was like putting a hot knife through warm butter”.

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