Handgun outbreak…

It started with a 9mm that wouldn’t need a booster or Neilsen device to run my 9mm suppressor, a really nice Beretta M9A3 fits that bill very nicely, while at the Shop I was shown some as NIB Glock Police trade ins, honestly I don’t believe they’d ever been issued to an Officer (Cops aren’t that easy on their weapons). Took a really nice G21 Gen 4 home with me. I’d owned a very early G21 but sold it long ago. The next day I went back and got an equally nice G22, never owned one before but have a Advantage Arms .22 conversation that fits plus a Keltec Sub 2000 using Glock mags. in .40 cal. Both Glocks were well below what I’m seeing “well used” ones on Gunbroker.

Beretta M9A3
Glock 21 Gen 4

Just realized I’ve not photographed the G22 Gen 4 yet but hey it looks like a Glock…

2 thoughts on “Handgun outbreak…

  1. I recently sold my 2 Berettas—a M92 and a 96A1. I was never able to shoot them as well as my CZ’s or 1911’s. I put LPA adjustable rear sights, stainless steel guide rods and Wilson Combat “golfball texture” grips on both— Over the years I even took a couple of lessons—all to no avail. I feel better now knowing they are gone along with my frustration of being a lousy shot with them.
    On another note, I went shooting yesterday and there appeared in the next port this good looking gal. She was probably in her early 30’s. She started shooting a .45 cal Glock. I glanced over at her targets and it was like Annie Oakley was there in the flesh. I thought maybe she was some type of a “special agent”. When leaving I mentioned to one of the range folks about her shooting. The fellow said she was a professional shooter who was practicing before making a promo video. I thought to myself—she is good looking and a great shot — what more could you ask for????

  2. I’ve been pretty impressed with the M9A3, never was a big fan at the start of them but this one shoots quite well but I’m still a Glock guy, been shooting them since 1986.

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