CZ452 .17m2

Thursday I picked up a CZ 452 in .17m2 from my Gunsmith that I’d had shortened and threaded, barrel is cut back to 16.5 inches and threaded 1/2×28 to take my Suppressor. This now gives me a rifle in each of the four common rimfire calibers set up for a suppressor, several .22lrs, and a .22wmr, two .17hmrs and this one. Likely anything I purchase going forward will be threaded, its just so nice to shoot quietly.

I’m so disappointed that while quite anti gun countries elsewhere consider Suppressors good health and safety products, here in the US our retarded Representatives think they’re the tools of criminals. Just proves how ignorant they really are.

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  1. Hello Gerald: As I wrote before–suppressor in NJ = prison.
    But–on another “long winded note”–I was changing out a scope on a CZ 455 thumbhole varmint with fluted barrel and using Leupold “no tap” 11mm steel rings(high). I had the receiver leveled. I attached the lower mounts with the tightening screw on the left side. I put the level on the bottom mount and it was way out of level with the receiver. I reversed the little clamping piece and same result. I would figure that the whole set up is “cockeyed” and the scope is off center. I mentioned this to my friend at the gun shop and he said it was caused by having only one clamping piece. The turrets on the scope look slightly slanted to the right side — but once sighted in, it shoots great (50 yds). Have you use the Leupold rings with this happening?

  2. I’ve not used Leupold rings on many rifles but have not had a problem on those few I have. I would think leveling the scope in the rings would negate the problem but without actually looking at it I can only guess.

  3. The story of the boy using the machete to chase off “bad guys” made it up to NJ.
    If he did that in NJ he would probably be taken away from is parent and placed in child protective services or sent to a juvenile correction facility for use of a deadly weapon. Where you live does matter.

  4. Around here he’s a Hero, the Orange County Sheriffs Dept. and UNC Hospital Police let the “bad guy” walk away from the Hospital but Alamance County recaptured him, I live in Alamance County. Yes location makes a big difference unfortunately.

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