Suppressors out of jail…

After 10 months and 11 days they are free at last, well far from free but now in my hands, these are samples so the price was right and I’ve actually gotten to use them. .22lr and 9mm, likely to buy a .30 centerfire to finish off my needs.

6 thoughts on “Suppressors out of jail…

  1. A suppressor in NJ will land you in prison with a very nasty cell mate. (probably an MS13 gang member) If you want to see some crumby NJ firearm ideas from our anti-gun governor–just google NJ Gov. phil murphy’s proposed new firearm fees.

  2. I know what you say is true, don’t know if you saw the story on RFC of me letting a young man from NY shoot his TC R22 with my .22lr suppressor on it, he said he’d never dreamed of being able to do that, video’d the whole experience to show his friends at John Jay, he’s a Law student there.

  3. Did you read the story about our “delightful”l nj gov. phil murphy removing the Mississippi State flag from Liberty State Park across from NYC since it has “the stars and bars” on it and is repugnant and reprehensible. All the state flags are represented there. I wonder if he will personally hand the flag back to the Gov. of Mississippi.
    I guess NJ beside having “out of control gun control now has flag control”.
    Well on a better note, Optics Planet had a good Nikon scope sale and I picked up another 3X9 EFR target scope. It goes on a 455 Thumbhole varmint.
    Did you ever have any contact with “Kipplauf rifles”?

  4. As we say down South, “well bless his heart”, sounds like you folk have a real winner there Charlie. Don’t tell him England is now implementing Knife control or you’ll all be eating with Sporks.

    Just looked up the Kipplaug rifles, most interesting, the Nikon EFR’s are nice little scopes.

  5. I was just looking at one of the rimfire websites and a fellow “NVaVettes” I believe showed photos of 2 of the original Steyr Mannlicher Zephyr 22 cal rifles he has. Wow, they are truly “out of this world”. They just have “a certain look” that other rifles do not have. I appearance, I think the original 22 cal Zephyrs and the Model 52 Winchester Sporters just cannot be beat—classic all the way. Also, your Model 63 along with the 61 and 62A are classics in their own right.

  6. Yes the original Steyr Zephyrs are certainly classic, their lines set a standard for Mannlicher rimfire, I was fortunate to obtain one about 5 or 6 years and and recently purchased a Browning replica W52 porter.

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