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The best way to judge a product is to try it yourself. Tried a CZ 457 Varmint and its excellent, now a T1x comes home and I’ll see for myself how it does, a gent at Fuquay Guns said he liked his two and owned CZ’s and felt they were very much alike. Not crazy about the Synthetic stocks and the protruding magazines but otherwise seems to be a well done rifle, I’m hoping to give it a trial along side a New CZ 455 Stainless in .17hmr too. I’ll try the same ammo in both.

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  1. The new CZ 457’s look great. Nice lines to them. Much nicer in my opinion than the older ones. They could turn my head even with the bad taste an older one left me with. (:
    The Tikka’s seem to be well received, but oh my, that ugly hangy down thing their are calling a magazine. Why couldn’t they make it flush like the Sako Quads?
    Enough negativity.
    Have you shot either new model yet Gerald? Anxious to hear your range results. Tikka targets I’ve seen didn’t impress me that much.

  2. Looking forward to you opinion Gerald. I have on my short list. Is yours a 22 or HMR?

  3. I have shot them both, the CZ at the club at 50 yards and it had no problem holding sub MOA (1/2 inch) with Norma Match 22 and TAC 22, the Tikka has only been shot indoors at 25 yards, no real test. It shot mostly bugholes but any decent rifle should, I was shooting off a really bad cross brace using a bipod and rear rest that wasn’t much help. I think they’ll be good shooters but not necessarily the world beaters some make them out to be, that magazine is an eyesore for certain, much worse on the .22lr than the .17hmr I have for some odd reason.

  4. Thanks for reading Todd, if my reply to James didn’t cover your questions let me know, hopefully a 50 and 100 yard test will be coming soon. Oh and mine is a .17hmr, too many .22lrs already.

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