CZ 457…We’ll see

If you don’t want anymore firearms stay out of gunshops, a stop by Fuguay Guns and Gold to see if they had any magazines for the G43 and G48 (they didn’t) resulted in my purchasing one even after saying I’d no interest. Anyone who knows me will tell you I love an attractive wooden stock and once I’d seen this one the predictable happened. With all the Debbie downer talk about this model I did a good inspection before making the plunge. Wood finish is good, the new nitrite finish is attractive and even over the entire rifle, muzzle and bore look good using a bore light, I couldn’t find a thing to reject it. I’d already handled two Tikka T1x’s there, a .22lr and a .17 her, nothing grabbing me there as I see little difference over the Sako Quad (okay its stock is more substantial) and the bulbous magazines don’t do a thing for me although I’m sure they’ll be good shooters as Sakos and Tikkas tend to be.

Next will be seeing how the 457 Varmint shoots, I’ve mounted a Weaver V24 in Warne 722M rings just need some weather to test in, lately I feel like we moved to Seattle…

Trigger is a new adjustable model, nothing like the old CZ’s, out of the box a clean crisp 2 lbs. 1 oz., lots of old complaints answered some new ones expressed on some forums. Only time will tell, I know the wood sure lured me in on this one.

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  1. Hello Gerald from a cold and crumby weather April 1 in NJ. Last Thursday when shooting the the RTSP Range in Union NJ, a fellow shooter gave me a playing card–Ace of Spades. Just for the heck of it I set the card to hit it sideways. I put it out to 25 yards and–bingo–I split it in half-one shot. This was the first time in around 50 years of shooting I ever tried this. A fellow shooter took a picture of the card and a guy from the range took a picture of me holding the card. The range guy said they would post it on the range website (time will tell about this). I made the shot with a Ruger 77/22 700 series prefix serial number first year production rifle with a Nikon 3X9 BDR rimfire scope set on 6X. I went again today, Monday, and took 2 Steyr Zephyr II rifles with me. One also had a Nikon BDR 3X9 scope and the other had a Nikon Rimfire Tactical 2X7 scope. Well to make a long story short–I split 3 3X5 index cards once and a fourth 3X5 index card twice–both set at 6X. It was really pretty easy. I took a shot and then put the index card over the bullet hole and shot again and split them. Anyway, I do not care what anyone says–being 75 years old and never trying this before am pretty darned happy. Tomorrow I will try with some CZ 452 American Classics.

  2. I have never tried it but that is cool, I’m six years behind you and I think that’s pretty impressive.

  3. If you email me privately with a home address, I can snail mail you a sheet with scanned images of the cards. I only have a “flip open phone”. I can also ask one of my children to take “phone pictures” of the cards themselves and email the pictures to you. Let me know.

  4. That CZ 457 sure is pretty and has beautiful wood! I think I’m in love with your gun and may have to start searching for one for myself….

  5. Next time my daughter who took the card splitting pictures comes over, I will see if she will do the emails to send you pictures of my 3 Grand Finales and 3 Zephyr II’s.
    The GS I am buying my 14-3 from has 2 Zephyr II’s — 22lr and 22magnum.
    Some folks are walking down the block—sure hope it is not beto o’rourke and the “confiscation crew”.

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