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In response to a post from Charlie who’s getting to be a regular here, thanks for that Charlie, I’ll post a couple of photos of my Kadets. For those not familiar with them they are basically a CZ 75 with a .22lr upper on them, weight and handling are pretty much identical to their 9mm’s. Accuracy while perhaps not Match Grade is very good.

The single action version (straight trigger) with suppressor adapter now belongs to a friend but the “normal” model is still around, neither were from a kit (upper, magazine) but original completer pistols. I believe CZ has stopped making the complete pistols now and only offers the conversion kit, well worth having for your CZ centerfire pistol. Thanks for making me think about the Kadet again Charlie its past due for some range time.

4 thoughts on “CZ Kadet Pistol

  1. Hi from a “god awful hot NJ” I believe I mentioned in a earlier email I was planning to get rid of 2 of my 4 CZ 75 Kadet II’s. Well, I went to the gun store with high hopes of returning home with a wad of cash. (The “on line gun store” used by my LGS has them listed for $468 new). I came home with what I left. This place, Heritage Guild, has 3 stores –2 in NJ and 1 across the border in Pa. All 3 stores said there was really no market for the 22 adapters (CZ or Kimber) in our area since most folks shoot center fire handguns. Judging from the ranges I shoot at this seems reasonable. So–my plans of using some of the cash to purchase either the Smith 41 or the Smith 14-3 have been put on hold. They still have the used Anschutz 1710 Sporter — no buyers at $1750. I also mentioned this gun to you a while ago.

  2. Gun prices in general (used that is) seem a bit depressed right now. I’ve not priced the Kadet’s in my area and in fact can’t remember the last one I’ve seen in a shop.

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