Another Desire satisfied

When they first came out I wanted one but just couldn’t justify the cost, I looked many over at gunshows and shops but always found a flaw or just didn’t have the spare cash. A local shop had this one on consignment for a goodly while and I finally made an offer and now its mine.

A Browning 52 replica, in very good condition, with good wood and at a price that seemed more than fair to me, now to accumulate the rest of the goodies to put it to use.

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  1. Hi Gerald: This reply goes back to other information in other messages I have sent you. After getting my MA at Western Carolina and working in Cherokee County NC, I moved to and worked in Rockbridge County, Va. During this time I bought a used Model 52B target rifle from Lexington Hardware in Lexington, Va. and had joined the Hickory Hill Gun Club in nearby Glasgow, Va. I became shooting buddies with Dr. Westbrook Barrett who was a professor at Washington & Lee and Dr. Murray Vines who taught at VMI. (Both schools in Lexington, Va.). On a trip home to NJ to visit my folks, I stopped off at Rohr’s Gunshop in Harrington Park NJ. Bill Rohr had a used Model 52B Sporter stock which I bought. I took the stock back to Virginia, and, when talking to Dr. Barrett, I mentioned that I wanted to have the target rifle turned into a sporter. He knew a gunsmith, Louis Hutchinson, and he said he would do the work. He did—cut, crowned and turned the barrel to fit the stock and reblued the barrel. All the roll marks were left in tact– naturally no “Sporter” on the trigger guard. There were no iron sights on the gun. Louis charged me $25.00 for the work !!!!!!!! I put a Weaver 4X scope with their rings and mounts on the gun. I do not remember if Louis drilled and tapped the receiver. Well, anyway I had the rifle for quite a few years and eventually sold it to the now defunct Ray’s Gunshop in North Plainfield NJ after moving back to NJ. It is refreshing how at 75 with a smile on my face, I can think back about events like this that happened 50 years ago and they are crystal clear and from “a different time”. I hope you enjoyed reading this as I surely enjoyed writing it.

  2. Indeed I do enjoy reading such stories, many of our paths cross and the how’s and why’s of our firearms education are good to recall, thanks for sharing.

  3. Nice rifle. I’ve been looking for a Browning 52 in good condition at a reasonable price for a couple years. I haven’t found one yet, but I’m still hopeful. Have you seen the Browning Model 52 knife set? My goal is to find a nice rifle and knife set. Anyway, congratulations on the rifle.

  4. I’ve not seen the set in person only photos, years ago I collected knives but have sold them off for the most part, sounds like a noble ambition and I wish you good luck with it.

  5. Hello from a cold and windy NJ: Since you showed several handguns on the website, I was wondering if you had any experience with the CZ 75 Kadet II .22 cal adaptors. I have several for my CZ handguns which I enjoy as much as my CZ 452 & 455 rifles. They are built like a tank–all steel not like my Kimber 1911 .22 conversions which have aluminum slides. I had the Beretta .22 cal practice adaptor for my aluminum frame M9 but sold it since the gun was so light in weight when attached. It is a strange sensation after shooting 9’s , 40’s, or 45’ put on a 22 conversion and shoot—but it sure is less expensive.

  6. Hi Gerald from the crumby state of NJ: I went to the range on Monday and shot one of my CZ 452 Grand Finales and one of my Sako Finnfire II’s. This morning in the emails there was one from American Rifleman or NRA. There was an article on a newish .22 called the Winchester Wildcat. I really do not see why anyone would buy one of these creatures instead of saving and buying “something of lasting value”. The difference surely sticks out when you read reviews on .22’s like the Zephyr II and CZ’s. Like my old shooting buddy, Bob C. used to say—buy cheap, buy twice

  7. I’m sure there are those needing a .22 who just can’t afford the “good” rifles folks like you and I prefer so I’m sure those have their place…but its not in my safe.

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