T/C’s TCR 22 shows promise…

I was able to purchase a new TCR22 for $299.95 and with the $50 rebate S&W is offering that’s $249.95, a good buy in my opinion. If you just look at the rifle first thought is “oh another 10/22 clone” but there are significant differences and many thing s 10/22 owners like to do to their rifles are already done. The Receiver is drilled at the back so you can clean with a cleaning rod after removing the bolt, it has last shot hold open with factory magazines, its threaded 1/2 x 28 for the most common suppressors. It has a built in “peep” rear and florescent front sight, a Magpul designed stock and clear backing to the magazine so you can keep track of the rounds. Receiver is milled aluminum picatinny ┬ástyle, the bolt is machined stainless steel (very nicely finished compared to the 10/22. I had a Nikon EFR 3-9x Rimfire scope in my “box o scopes” and mounted it using Weaver bases, it could be mounted lower but I used what was on the scope for expediency.

First shots at 25 yards off a simple bull bag had five rounds cutting each other but the rest was too shaky to make a call accuracy wise but it looks like its going to be a shooter.

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