455 Scout

With a couple of Suppressors in the approval process (why the heck is this so slow, should be on a Form 4473 at most), I’ve started looking at what they’ll be used on, I have a couple of rifles and pistols but wanted a good handy sized .22 lr bolt action. No secret I’m a fan of CZ’s mid priced rifles and the little Scout now comes threaded so at $300 it’s a great one to start with. For now I’ll be using it stock but some trigger work will likely be done to get it to around 2 lbs. The short LOP isn’t a problem with the Scout for me as I’m a bit barrel chested to begin with.

Mounted for now with a Weaver V16 in Warne 7.3 22 rings it’s a bit large but it’s nice to have the range of magnification the 4-16 offers plus AO as well.

I shot it with its very decent irons sights at the indoor 25 yard range off a simple Caldwell bag and was getting 1/2 inch groups with CCI SV and SK Standard Plus, I removed the rear sight (two screws and some sticky stuff) as the front of the Weaver just wasn’t going to make nice with it. Next I get a good 50 yard zero and start seeing what Subsonic HP’s suit its tastes.

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