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A phone call to Go Daddy and a flip of a switch and its secure.

Now on to more pleasant things, taking another to view Rick’s estate resulted in the purchase of  a very nice T/C Encore in ,243 and that precipitated the ordering of a barrel for it from Match Grade Machine in .17wsm.  Seems that’s the surest way to get an accurate rifle in that caliber.

A very nice bit of lumber on this T/C which as most of you know is always a bonus with me. I also picked up a Remington 597M in .22wmr that I was already familiar with, it and one I owned years ago are good shooters and both have shown a preference for Federal 50 gr hp’s.

That’s 16 of Rick’s firearms now in my accumulation, need to stay away from those guns, while at Mace Sports yesterday I spied a CZ Drake in 12 ga. with some decent wood (the Drake is CZ’s entry level O/U with few frills but a reputation for being a solid shotgun at a reasonable price. The wood again, it came home with me, I’ll post a photo or two soon. So I’m back to rimfires and have another O/U that I intend to make a real effort at putting to use this time, only time will tell.

4 thoughts on “Site secured…

  1. Traitor! (well sorta) funny I traded down from a Winchester Featherweight in 243 to a beautiful old Ruger #1 in .243… And put some $$$ back in my pocket!

    That’s a lovely rifle!

  2. Traitor, lol. I’ve been called worse by people we both know, I’ve had my old Rem. 788 in .243 since 1975, scads of ammo around here for it and I’m hoping the T/C will shoot some of the lighter bullet loads, the 788 isn’t happy with anything lighter than 95 grs. I need to get a table at one of the Gun Shows and move about half of what I own.

  3. Let me know, we’ll get 3 and try to make a dent in the pile! Might take a bit of work and more than one show!

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