on my last visit to Rick’s firearms I looked over several I’d considered but decided not to buy, and predictably I brought home another one, a CZ 97b. A big .45acp that I’d thought too large for my hands ┬áSome dry firing convinced me I might well be good with it as the DA pull is one of the best I’ve seen. We’ll find out sometime.

On another subject, I’ve been a fan of the little J Framed .32 SW Longs for a long time, great for a first centerfire trainer for kids and women who are recoil shy. Local pawn had a New Ruger SP101 in .32 Federal Magnum, the 3″ fixed barrel model that had been ordered in error for a customer, Made me a offer I couldn’t refuse , price matched the cheapest price I could find on Gunbroker and threw in 2 50 round boxes of Federal 85gr and a 20 round box of HST’s. This may be Mama’s new pistol, you just never know.

No photo of the Ruger yet.

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