Steyr’s new Zephyr II

From  Charlie, one of the readers here, his comments on his new Zephyr II…

Hello Gerald: You asked about my experience with the Steyr Zephyr II. Well, the indoor range I shoot at is limited to 25 yds–but it produced 5 shot one tiny hole results. I also belong to an outdoor range in Pa. but have to wait until warmer weather for more distance. Now the bad news–due to the design— the receiver, the bolt, scope dovetails, etc. are very forward from other 22 bolt receivers. This forces the scope to be mounted in a position that makes eye relief difficult. I use Nikon Rimfire variable scopes (I realize they are not Leupold quality–but I am happy). With the Nikons, the distance from the adjusting turrets to where the scope tube starts to flair out is not long enough to bring to scope backward to a comfortable distance from the eye. I will have to look for a scope with a longer tube to remedy this problem. The trigger is interesting–a bit of slack–stops –touch it–bang. The direction book calls it a “stage trigger”. Aside from the scope situation, I am quite pleased.

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts so far on the Zephyr II, your experiences are the first I’ve read and hopefully will be helpful to others Charlie.


  2. Hello Gerald: Picked up a second Steyr Zephyr II. Scope eye relief with Nikon Rimfire scopes still plagues me. On another subject, I have several CZ 452 American ZKM 2E’s made before 2011. I also purchased 2 CZ452’s ($436 each) in 2016 (barrels marked “16”) that are 2E’s but without the “ZKM”. I went on the CZ site quite a few times but could not find any 2016 reissue stats. As you are more adept with info. than I am, any idea why I cannot find any info. on the reissue CZ452 2E’s with the “16” on the barrel. Thanks, Charlie

  3. Honestly I’ve never looked up any of the Stats on CZ’s, I’m aware you can but never done it, they may be classified differently but I don’t know…

  4. Stumbled onto this while trying to find a review on the Zephyr II. I think I nabbed the second one available in the states. Interesting observation about the whole shebang being forward & eye relief being an issue. As fate would have it, I put an old steel tube Weaver T20 on initially, that sucker is long! No issue there, but I will probably rescope it at some point as I can’t get her to come down to 50ft & I do about 50% of my shooting there (Winter!) Be nice to find a quality set of offset steel rings/mount to comp for this. Claw mount would be nice!! It seems to shoot very well for me indoors, anxious to try it at distance

  5. Interesting problem apparently, I’ve not handled one so I’m no help I’m afraid, looking forward to getting a ZephyrII and a Tikka in hand but none have appeared locally. Thanks for the post Mike and welcome.

  6. I used one regular BKL 30mm double strap ring and one similar
    offset ring with a Nightforce SVT 3x10x42 mm scope to adjust
    for eye relief. Haven’t shot it yet but it’s ready to go. Love the
    incrediblely short bolt lift. No one’s going to bang their thumb
    against the scope with this rifle.

  7. Welcome David, thanks for adding your experiences, I’ve still not encountered one in my area.

  8. To get the Steyr Mannlicher Zephyr II rifle, have your firearms store call Steyr Arms in Bessemer, Alabama (the US distributor) and order one for you. I got both of mine within a week of ordering. Customer service number is 205 417 8644 I wish they would come out with a full stock model soon.

  9. Got my third Zephyr II several weeks ago. Put a Nikon Tactical 22 rimfire scope on it. Shoots great as do the other 2. I also collect high end gunmaker baseball style caps—Holland&Holland, Westley Richards, Rigby, etc. On another note, I tired to order a Steyr Mannlicher cap from Austria. It would have to be sent to my son and his family living in Ireland and they would bring it on their USA visit later in July. The computer transaction got screwed up. Then I got an email from Steyr Arms in Alabama. Steyr in Austria sent Steyr in Alabama my email concerning my cap order. The person I spoke to said he would try to help me get a cap from Austria ( different logo than the one sold in the USA). I told him my story and he said they had a couple of the Austrian logo caps there and he would send me one free of charge. It arrives on 7/14. So again I am really pleased–both with the Zephyr II’s and the cap situation. The person I spoke to said the Zephyrs are selling well and they will start more USA advertising.

  10. Excellent. My LGS says they’ll likely be getting both the Zephyr II and Tikka T1x in stock but still nothing so far, I keep telling myself I’m going to start divesting myself of some of my lesser firearms to make some room for the new ones but that’s not working out too well so far.

  11. Hi Gerald: I went to my local gun store in Rahway, NJ today (7/21/18) to buy some Fiocchi 22’s. –this is where I bought my 3rd Zephyr quite recently. Another one was on the gun rack staring me in the face !!!!!!!! I restrained myself. Walked out with 2 bricks of Fiocchi 22’s. Why there is a problem for some people to order them considering their abundance in NJ is perplexing. As mentioned in an earlier email, I would contact Steyr in Bessemer, Alabama for assistance. They sure helped me with that hat in my 7/13/18 email.

  12. Part of the answer is my largest LGS is a member of a “buying group”, apparently the Zephyr II isn’t on it’s plate yet, I’ve not pushed it as I’m not certain I’ll buy one as I’m at least attempting to start a down sizing. They have said they’ll get them and the Tikka T1x eventually but no real estimate on when. I appreciate your updates.

  13. Hi Gerald: Thanks for the up date on your “possible quest for a Zephyr”. Back in the late 1960’s ( 1966 – 1968) I purchased 2 Weatherby XXII semi auto 22’s. One was really nice had the Italian barrel markings and the other sort of plain jane had the Japanese barrel marking—sold both in the early 1970’s ( ich ) –the past is the past. My local gun store in Rahway NJ ( Heritage Guild) had a XXII with the Japanese barrel-($495). Since I have not been an owner of one for 40+ years, what would you suggest I be on the lookout for when considering buying. One magazine only, what about replacement parts if needed ???? Thanks for any info you can pass along.

  14. I have handled several of the Weatherby XXII’s over the years but have never owned one, I think they are beautiful but I’ve never fired one. I would put your question to the folks over at RFC in the Weatherby forum, I also know that Flysalot there knows a good bit about them and has owned at least a couple. Good luck with your quest.

  15. I’ll have to check it out, thanks for the Heads up. I took the CZ452 FS I purchased from my deceased Hunting Partners estate out yesterday and zeroed it and put 50 rounds each of CCI SV, Norma Match .22 and lastly SK Standard Plus through it, shot pretty well with all three but as seems to usually be the case the SK shot the best.

  16. Been shooting the hell out of the Zephyr in a light rifle offhand league. Really a great handling rifle for offhand shooting. I’ve shot 3 291s with it in a row now. I did not mess with any trigger adjustments, but removed one coil spring, leaving just the flat spring now & she breaks at a clean & consistent couple pounds. Traded the T-20 for a T-16 that gets me down to 50ft & it has been great for me. I think I will pillar & bed the action after the league is over & shoot silhouette next summer with it & see what it will do at distance. The recoil pad is starting to show a little wear, the finish on the steel is tough!

  17. Sweet, lots of new Rimfire’s hitting the market right now or at least hitting some markets, the Tikka T1x has a lot of plastic going on and that extended magazine looks like Poo, should be a shooter. The actual CZ 457 is now a proven fact but has somethings (engraved names on the stocks, really?) I don’t care for. We’ll see what shakes out…

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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