Three weeks ago…

this morning Rick passed away, pretty much everywhere I go I encounter someone who didn’t know he’d passed, which usually means I get to go through the whole story of what happened again. The good thing is I get to tell how his passing isn’t the end of the story because Rick was a believer in Jesus Christ, so this was simply “so long for now, see you soon”. I’m finding I don’t spend as much time in the local gunshops, still stop by every few days but not hanging out like I was, don’t know if this will last or not. The wife probably hopes it will.

2 thoughts on “Three weeks ago…

  1. Gerald, I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. I can tell that hits hard. It is nice he was a believer and that you can glorify God and spread His message by recounting your friend’s story. I can see how that’s hard on you too. Miss talking with you my friend. Enjoying your site still. Love seeing all those neat guns going to a good home. Enjoy ’em!


  2. Thank you Brett,
    Good to hear from you and I hope you’re doing well, with hunting season upon us I’m reminiscing about all the good times Rick and I had solving the world’s problems sitting around in a Box stand. The great thing is knowing that its not good bye but see you soon.

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