Well back up and running…

actually for several days, a “update” sank the ship but things are pretty much back to normal, RFC didn’t let my hyper-link go back up but I suspect it was “grandfathered” up from previous time so can’t complain. My hunting partner Rick is having emergency eye surgery today and tomorrow I’ll have to take him for a follow up. He had Cataract removal ┬álast week and suddenly his retina in the repaired eye started detaching…one thing after another. Hopefully the Doctors at Duke Eye can get him all fixed up, he’ll be devastated if they can’t get him at least somewhat squared away. Hunting is his passion and I don’t think he/d know what to do with himself if he couldn’t. The other eye has a Macular Fold they’re going to have to repair before they can do the Cataract surgery on it. Always something for us Seasoned Citizens to deal with and getting old ain’t for Sissies.

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