Recent additions…

The Winchester 310/320 line was built on an Australian action from Sportco from 1972-1975 or so, barreled and stocked by Winchester here in the States, a direct precursor to the Kimber rifles built by the Warne’s when they came to the US. A very well built little rifle I’ve acquired one after many years of looking for a nice example.

I’ve mounted a Bushnell 4.5-14x Legend HD scope and we’ll just have to see if this little beauty lives up to its reputation, I’m betting it will.

A much more common addition is a CZ 455 Ultra Lux, the 28.6″ barreled model known for being extremely quiet and accurate with good Subsonic ammunition, other than a almost unwieldy barrel length these might be the best .22lr Squirrel Rifles made, Not great for sneaking through the woods but a Stand hunters dream with their quiet and iron sighted accuracy, they feature CZ’s most excellent Tangent style rear sight.

That barrel just seems to go on forever…

It’s also the only CZ Rimfire featuring a Cheek piece, I need to test this one and its Iron sights against the Wifama I purchased not too long ago.


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