Cleaning rifles…

Mostly due to my COPD I have to be careful where and with what I clean my firearms, can’t take the fumes in an enclosed space, the Wife had suggested I buy a folding table so I could set up in the garage when the weather wouldn’t permit working on the back deck. Smart lady, that’s why I married Her. Yesterday was my first time to use it, and it worked well, I cleaned all three 6.5 rifles in about an hour, the Creedmoor had fired about 40 rounds since its last cleaning and I was curious how much copper fouling it would show, the 30 round break in Ken (Barfield the builder) recommended did its job. No indications of coppering at all. The 550FS showed no signs of having been fired since it left CZ and cleaned up quickly, the CZ527 6.5 Grendel proved a good bit more time consuming. The old CZ preservative was present in good quantity but cleaned up with M Pro 7 and a nylon brush and a literal hand full of patches. Now they’re all ready to go to the range and get dirty again. If the weather co-operates I’m hoping to get them all sighted in, the Creedmoor has another date with the VIR 1,000 yard range in a couple of weeks.

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  1. While I don’t have COPD, I have noticed a sensitivity to the chemicals also so I have a similar setup. I use a box fan (on low) and place it behind me to help with the fumes
    Those folding tables are great!

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