Remington 788 in 6mm…

joins the fold, I have a 788 in .243 Win. that I’ve owned since 1974, it was my main hunting rifle for many years and is still one of my favorites. The new to me 6mm was one of several 788’s on consignment at a local shop, I’ve known they were there for couple of weeks but yesterday I went an took a look at them. There were two .243’s, a .308 and the 6mm, the 6mm came with the medium length Harris Bipod and  a Bushnell Elite 3200 3-9x scope, the add on’s made it a bargain so temptation won again.

The 6mm is limited by a small selection of loads these days but with reloads it best the .243 by a 100 fps or so with any bullet weight, and is very versatile, looking forward to trying this one out.

2 thoughts on “Remington 788 in 6mm…

  1. Great find. The 6mm has always been one of my favorites and several in the past found it to my door. The one I kept the longest, I would still have it if it wasn’t for an ex, was a Rem. 600 I restocked.
    Those old Rem. like yours in 6mm were so accurate without much tuning. Love that one Gerald.

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