Ken Barfields Long Range Shooting Class…

This past Saturday found about a dozen shooters at VIR (Virginia International Raceway) attending my Gunsmiths LR Shooting class, Ken is a three time State Champion, two time Regional Champion and holds two NRA Records. Add to that his abilities as a Gunsmith and you have the makings of a really good glass. Shooting was from 500/800 and 1000 yards or steel targets, what a satisfying sound they make. Ken supplies rifles, ammunition and support services (tent awnings, mats, Bipod et al, He has snacks, water and soft drinks, other than providing your own lunch just bring yourself. Of course I have a sweet 6.5 Creedmoor he built for me so I shot it at both 500 and 800 yards, since the wind (Thunderstorms in the area) had gotten pretty twitchy by the time we hit 1000 yards and I’d packed my kit up in my car I shot one of his rifles at 1000 yards.

Some one commented that the 18″x22″ steels looked postage stamps at 1000 yards and that pretty much true, Total of about 3.5-4 hours of classroom, 5-5.5 hours on the range, learned a lot, relearned a lot and picked up some good hacks for things I already knew. Hope to do it again this fall.

1000 yards is a long ways, target are just to the left of the tower

500/800 yard firing line from above…


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