6.5 Creedmoor first shots…

Don’t know why I’d put this off so long, well actually all the cleaning involved likely had a lot to do with it, my Gunsmith gave me a shoot 3 rounds, clean well, shoot 3 rounds clean well and repeat up to 30 rounds break in for the Brux barrel. After the money I put into the rifle I figured only thing to do was exactly what he recommended, so off to the range with all the cleaning gear and two boxes of Hornady 140 gr ELD/Match ammo which Thumper said should shoot around 1/2 MOA. Well the boy knows his stuff, cleaning was using CR-10, Butches Bore Shine and Kroil. I wet the barrel down good with the CR-10, let it soak a bit then took  a nylon brush to it for a few strokes, applied Butches, let it soak, then patched it out, a couple of times I pushed a couple of Kroil patches through as well. By the  last couple cleanings I was getting no color at all on the patches, there never was much even with the first cleaning but at the end I wasn’t getting any. Well good old Photobucket is being it usual uncooperative self so I’ll have to post photos later but suffice it to say the first group was 1/2 inch and things didn’t change much one way or the other except a couple of times when my eyes and lungs rebelled against all the pollen in the air, it was positively yellow the whole time I was at the range, even the tops of my socks were yellow when I got home.


2 thoughts on “6.5 Creedmoor first shots…

  1. Do you mean that you never before broke in a centerfire that way? Tsk, tsk, my friend.

    We had some stuff flying around in the air here, yesterday, too. Only difference is that ours was white….

  2. Most of my Centerfires are CZ’s and being hammer forged such a involved break in has never even entered my lazy little mind. Additionally many have come to me used and I’ve never bothered. This barrel is cut rifled and Thumper says its the thing to do so I did.

    And yes I am lazy…

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