Back from the Gunsmith..

The Ruger 96/44 I purchased not long ago is back from the gunsmith, it had a small crack in the wood at the back of the receiver, more like a thumbnail sized area that had popped loose and been poorly repaired. With that area taking most of the recoil I didn’t want to take any chances so I had Thumper put it right and as usual he did it well.

A friend had given me a couple of Weaver V9 scopes and one of them seemed to be just the ticket for this little .44 Carbine, darned if it isn’t a slick actioned thing and the trigger seems just fine for what it is as well.

In other news it seems the Board of Directors at DPRC is at it again, power grabbing or at least trying to, they want to make all their decisions binding without member approval. It’s just one thing after another the past 5-6 years. Are there no honest men in that Club?

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  1. I shot a lot of 357 & 44 magnum rounds during the later half of the 70’s but always in revolvers. In the 80’s I was introduced to the 45 Colt and have several rifles chambered for it. It is an easy round to reload and will take deer and pigs in our South Mississippi swamps with ease. A few years ago I happened on an H&R Handi Rifle in 44 magnum. It caused me to rethink pistol caliber carbines and rifles. For my area the 96/44 would be ideal. The short easy handling nature coupled with the ease of mounting a scope means it would go along on more walks than the open sighted 92. The availability of so many different factory loads is the biggest plus over the 45 Colt. Both are supurb rounds but the 45 is not loaded in as many different bullet styles as the 44. Some of the newer self defense are even more impressive when fired through a carbine length barrel. I may have to put one on the “next gun to look for” list.

    I’m sorry to hear about issues at your club. Unfortunately every group that numbers more than one will have conflicts. Now that I think about it…I have had conflicts when I was the only one in the group.

  2. Funny you mention the NEF/H&R single shots, it just so happens I have a .44 Mag. and a .357 Mag. all set up and ready to go but unfired. There are some very interesting loads for both out there and the .45 Colt would be a dandy round in one of them or a good lever action as well as you say.

  3. I really like the V9 scopes also. I first picked up a few of the older V8 scopes. Just all round good go to scopes I feel.
    Good luck with the club.

  4. I missed the meeting due to waiting on workmen to install a Dishwasher, I’m told a revolt resulted in expulsion of the President and Vice President who were plotting to secure more power to themselves. Apparently it was extremely entertaining.

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