Now we’re all Terrorists?

Anyone with half a brain knows California and especially San Franciscan’s are several cards short of a deck but SF’s board of supervisors just added an exclamation point to it. They’ve declared officially that the NRA is a Terrorist Organization. I mean after all we believe and try to protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. After all per them we’re responsible for every nut job who shoots up anything, while they provide a haven for illegal aliens who commit crimes at rates far above the norm. Sick, sick minds at work here.

The real problem

The past weekends shootings bring more howls for “gun control” as a solution but in both cases (and we won’t even mention the mass shooting that is Chicago every weekend) mental health issues are the root causes. Until we identify and deal with the mentally ill in this country these type shootings will continue. The El Paso shooting was a known “white supremacist”, who loves them? But the left wing nut jobs insist Trump inspired him, hell Adolf Hilter is more likely, calling for a secure Border hardly qualifies as hate speech unless you’re a left wing nut yourself.

The Dayton shooter it turns out was a Left Wing nut job of the worse order, hating Trump and embracing Socialism, I’m betting we don’t hear a lot about this loser. Note he was engaged by the Dayton PD’s brave officers and stopped within 30 seconds, tragic loss of life but heroic job Guys.

We seriously need to work on identifying these losers early and before they can commit these crimes, banning an object has Zero effect.

Taylor/Uberti .32-20

It got in last week and yesterday I took it out to the Club for some break in, I’d accumulated 350 rounds of assorted ammunition, a box of Remington, a box of Blackhills and a box of Ultramax plus 4 boxes of Reeds Ammo 100 gr XTP loaded to 1280 per the maker. The Reeds Ammo is too hot for many old guns but they’d assured me in full on replica Colt it would be fine. I adopted the load one, skip one , load four of the old timers and it’s simple and leaves an empty chamber under the hammer. Shooting wise this revolver quickly tickled me pink, shooting at 1/2 scale Humanoid steel I was quickly making head shots and upper torso shots at 25 yards. I found cocking the hammer with my left thumb was quick and effective, the sights worked better than I expected. All in all a great shooting replica of a piece of Americana.

Made for a great prelude to the 4th of July, a replica of one of the firearms that tamed this country and a great companion to my Marlin 1894 in .32-20.

Huzzah for America, Happy 4th of July

This and that…

12,642…that’s the number of Spam attempts stopped on this little blog site in the past six months, that’s how firmly entrenched liars and thieves are in this “internet”…Yeah Al Gore may just have invented this after all.

Traded a non-threaded Ruger SR-22 for a New S&W MP22 Compact Suppressor ready, hey once you go suppressor you never want to go back…and no Dummycrats they’re not SILENT…they’re just not harmfully loud. The Brits consider them an essential health and safety item.

Have a Taylor/Uberti .32-20 coming sometime…they told the LGS it was in stock and they’d get it right out…2 weeks ago, lol.

Life is good, God is Good, all the time.

CZ452 .17m2

Thursday I picked up a CZ 452 in .17m2 from my Gunsmith that I’d had shortened and threaded, barrel is cut back to 16.5 inches and threaded 1/2×28 to take my Suppressor. This now gives me a rifle in each of the four common rimfire calibers set up for a suppressor, several .22lrs, and a .22wmr, two .17hmrs and this one. Likely anything I purchase going forward will be threaded, its just so nice to shoot quietly.

I’m so disappointed that while quite anti gun countries elsewhere consider Suppressors good health and safety products, here in the US our retarded Representatives think they’re the tools of criminals. Just proves how ignorant they really are.

Handgun outbreak…

It started with a 9mm that wouldn’t need a booster or Neilsen device to run my 9mm suppressor, a really nice Beretta M9A3 fits that bill very nicely, while at the Shop I was shown some as NIB Glock Police trade ins, honestly I don’t believe they’d ever been issued to an Officer (Cops aren’t that easy on their weapons). Took a really nice G21 Gen 4 home with me. I’d owned a very early G21 but sold it long ago. The next day I went back and got an equally nice G22, never owned one before but have a Advantage Arms .22 conversation that fits plus a Keltec Sub 2000 using Glock mags. in .40 cal. Both Glocks were well below what I’m seeing “well used” ones on Gunbroker.

Beretta M9A3
Glock 21 Gen 4

Just realized I’ve not photographed the G22 Gen 4 yet but hey it looks like a Glock…