Its been a long time…

For many years the Wife has only done a little decorating at Christmas, we spend Christmas eve and day with our Son’s family and she just didn’t see the point of putting up a tree. Since she retired the end of May she’s been doing a lot of “put off” things around the house. Coming home from a errand the other day I find a tree up for the first time in a long time, it looks nice, nothing really fancy but a cute little tree.

Nothing fancy but I like it, Merry Christmas.

Hanging of the Greens…

Wonderful service at Church last night for our Hanging of the Greens, from Cherub Choir to our Soloist and Praise team some beautifully wonder filled music. The program certainly set the tone for the coming Season of Celebrating the Coming of Jesus to Earth,  it also for me sets the tone for a Season of Giving, planning for special gifts for our Manna  Market clients above and beyond the basic food stuffs we provide monthly. Years ago I learned that giving is so much more satisfying than receiving, God has more than amply supplied my needs.

A Black Friday deal for me…

Usually Black Friday is a day for us Guys to go and hide while the Women folk go out and  do battle for the elusive “Bargain”, this year my LGS’s online ad actually had something that grabbed my attention rather than generating a yawn. S&W is rumored to have made these for some overseas Law Enforcement Agency, I really have no idea but they’ve never appeared in S&W’s online product summaries while the .357 version has. I shudder to think of firing one of these with full bore .357 ammunition, I one owned a Charter Arms Police Bulldog which weighted 21 oz. vs the 13-14 ozs. of these, it made my 4 inch S&W .44 mag seem tame. That said, in the heat of battle so to speak most would never notice the recoil if they’ve spent any time with the gun at all. My intent is to use the 130gr FMJ non plus P .38 loads for practice and then carry with Speer’s 135gr Gold Dot +P .38 Special. Point of impact should be close within 15 yards and that’s the likely extreme range one of these is going to be used. Back in the day we practiced with Wadcutters and carried full power on duty and that practice worked well for those who put in significant practice. The revolver is known as the 360J, a Scandium framed, stainless barrel and blackened stainless cylinder revolver, its hairy chested .357 counterpart is the 360SC or 360PD and they have Titanium cylinders and weight about .5 ounce to 1 ounce less. These are obviously made to carry much and shoot with fun power loads little but practice will prove very helpful in controlling them. Pictures for those who have to have ’em.

Okay for the “bargain” part of this story, these were marked down to $329 and S&W has a $50 rebate on these and several other handguns, so with taxes and all I’m going to end up with $303 in it, now that’s a Bargain. Insert large ear to ear smiley face.

Thankful for all God’s Blessings

Another year of Blessings from the Lord, we have so many things to be thankful for, Family and Friends, food and shelter,  health and material blessings. Losses of Friends presence in our lives but Joy knowing they’ve gone on to a better place where we will join them in God’s time.

I wish each of you the Happiness and Blessings of the Thanksgiving season.

VIR again…

Another long range Saturday at VIR with Ken Barfield’s LR Shooting class, a very good group including a husband and wife with the wife saying she didn’t know that she could do this. She did great and by the end of the day was walking around with a huge grin on her face. Quite windy most of the afternoon which made things a lot more interesting..

Ken attempting to make ’em understand ranging and using the charts.

Not everyone was intent on learning….

On the 500/800 yard firing line, a couple of those leaning trees actually came down while we were shooting, kinda breezy.

CZ 527 American in .221 followed me home…

unfortunately it didn’t bring any ammunition with it, dang that stuff isn’t easy to find and a bit pricy when you do, got some on the way, mounted a Nikon 5 3.5-14x BDC. Supposedly only 20 rounds through it, you know the routine, only driven to the range on Sundays etc. It is clean as a pin without a mark on it and the test target is just sick even if it is at 50 yards. Photos will have to wait on Sun Shine along with the .17m2. Expensive week so far but some nice additions to the accumulation.

CZ 452 Varmint in .17m2…

a caliber I really like and a rifle (452 Varmint) I didn’t have in great condition to boot, what’s not to like. The 452 Varmint .17m2 has only one action screw with likely will mean having it bedded but I know a Guy. The seller on Gunbroker had 29 photos from every angle imaginable (hint: that’s the way to sell your firearm, lots of photos), the wood while not exceptional, has nice grain and I can’t find a mark on it nor any on the metal. The bolt face shows its been fired at least a little but I’m guessing- scope mounted and maybe sighted in and then into the safe or rack to sit until the owner decided it was surplus. At any rate the condition is exceptional for a 13 year old rifle, darkness and a Budget meeting to attend at Church prevented good photos but hopefully some sunshine today will remedy that.

CZ 452 Varmint in .17m2

Won a Gunbroker auction for a 2004 Varmint in .17m2, a caliber I’m very fond of in a rifle I had no example of. Never have been very fond of the CZ Varmints, I’ve owned them in .22wmr and .22lr in the 452 version an do have much modified 455 with Lilja barrel glued in and action bedded. All versions of the 452 are getting a good bit more scarce and there were never many Vamints in .17m2, the rifle appears to be in near new condition so hopefully it will be a shooter.