Back from the Gunsmith..

The Ruger 96/44 I purchased not long ago is back from the gunsmith, it had a small crack in the wood at the back of the receiver, more like a thumbnail sized area that had popped loose and been poorly repaired. With that area taking most of the recoil I didn’t want to take any chances so I had Thumper put it right and as usual he did it well.

A friend had given me a couple of Weaver V9 scopes and one of them seemed to be just the ticket for this little .44 Carbine, darned if it isn’t a slick actioned thing and the trigger seems just fine for what it is as well.

In other news it seems the Board of Directors at DPRC is at it again, power grabbing or at least trying to, they want to make all their decisions binding without member approval. It’s just one thing after another the past 5-6 years. Are there no honest men in that Club?


would have been my Dad’s 92 nd birthday had he not passed back in May of last year, Mom and Dad’s anniversary would have been the 10th of this month. I exchanged texts with my Niece (who was like another daughter to them) and Sister and my Son. Each of us with still fresh thoughts about his passing. Gone from our presence but far from forgotten.

Lots of new things…

Recently picked u[ a Ruger 96/44 magnum from a small shop, in good condition and not a common thing in this area as medium range bolt actions tend to be the more popular Deer rifles here. I have a CZ452 Grand Finale on order and paid for, high polished blue, hand engraving, upgraded wood with a ebony fore end tip and grip cap and wrap around checkering. Some nay savers have panned these but there will only be 1000 made so they won’t be forced to buy one anyhow. Have a CZ 527 American in 6.5 Grendel on order as well, these have 24 inch barrels and if of the usual CZ quality will likely be good shooters. I still haven’t gotten to the range with the 6.5 Creedmore as Church activities just seem to keep multiplying, part of me says its about time to shut down this blog as I find it harder and harder to make time for any of my guns or shooting. We’ll see.

Back from Orlando…

Close to 60 hours of lectures and classes crammed into 6 days, the Stephen Ministry folks certainly don’t short change you on content, ¬†you bring a 35 pound manual back with you filled with what you’ve learned. Included is a series of detailed lesson plans to allow you to teach a 50 hour course in Christian caregiving to laymen. It’s an exciting program we’ll be starting in our Church over the next year. I’ve driven over 1,300 miles and made a lot of new friends. It was a very worthwhile experience (other than our Pastor getting Food Poisoning the last night and being sick as the proverbial Dog yesterday. Now for some rest.

It’s Christmas time…

Don’t know what it means to you but for me its my hope for the Future, Christ came to Earth to offer a Sacrifice for the Salvation of our Souls. Two years ago today my Mother died, just over six months ago my Father passed, I know I’ll see them again. Amen.

Yesterday we joined with my Wife’s family to celebrate, our Son and his Family were there so pretty much all the Family I have other than my Sister and her Family, It was nice to be with them all and we had a wonderful time but nothing like the reunion we’ll have one day in Heaven. God Bless you all and I hope to meet you all there one day as well.

A Blessed Thanksgiving…

Since Mom died coming up on two years ago and Dad’s passing in late May we’ve no real Family locally, the Wife only has today off (she needs to retire) so no run to Hickory to be with our Son and his Family. We’d about decided to go to Cracker Barrel and just enjoy each others company which isn’t a bad way to spend the day. I had hunted yesterday afternoon with my Friend Rick who had just lost his Brother last week, we didn’t see a single Deer but did watch four Turkeys feeding in a field for a while. Just talked about all the things he’ll miss about his Brother and all the things you have to take care of when someones dies. I’m thankful for Friends to share such things with, a burden shared is a burden lightened.

After getting in from hunting the Wife and I decide to go out to eat (after I changed and cleaned up some) so we went to a local Cafe and as we entered saw a Couple from our Sunday School Class. I went over to their table and they introduced me to their out of town guests, nice folks, they asked about our plans for Thanksgiving and I said we’d likely go to Cracker Barrel as it just wasn’t worth all the bother of cooking for just the two of us. They asked us to join them and their Family for Thanksgiving Dinner, I thanked them but said we’d hate to intrude, they insisted and said if we could stand the hub bub we’d very welcome. We gratefully accepted. Nice.

Returning to our table one of the Managers was talking with my wife and asked if we liked Peach Cobbler or Strawberry, I greatly prefer Strawberry, he brought out an entire pan wrapped to take home with us. So we’ll take the Cobbler with us today and begged them to let bring something else. No,no they replied.

I’m thankful for so many things and the actions of others really reminded me how fortunate we are, our Church Friends are Family too, there are lots of kind people around us every day. Thank you Lord for the reminders. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving everyone and I pray someone reminds you today of how much you have to be thankful for.

Remodeling blues…

We had a soft spot in the floor in front of the Vanity in the Master Bath, Contractor friend finally got a chance to start on it, we end up with a 3 foot by 4 foot hole in the floor because some lazy Sub decided to let the heat and air just dump out in the space under the Vanity rather than install a duct. Nothing to do by fix it an my Wife like anyother decides we need to remodel while we’re at it. Naturally she has no savings so it comes from what I generally consider my “gun fund”, lol. We’re just two days into this and I’ve already spent a custom long range rifle worth.

Some nasty folks out there…

on both sides, burning, rioting, stopping traffic and commerce is pretty much assured of getting you noticed but not in a good way, liberals, socialists and race baiters just don’t seem to comprehend this.

On the other hand pulling up beside Hispanics and Middle Eastern or Middle Eastern looking folks and threatening them or telling them to go home doesn’t cut it either. If someone is here illegally there is a process, it may have been ignored the past eight years but I’m guessing that is going to stop.

SO…lets all act like Civilized Human beings and get back to be being a Nation of Laws and Order and productivity.

Hate doesn’t look good on anyone. God Bless and keep us all.