Final additions?

Helping Rick’s Family with the disposal of his Firearms has been a honor in many ways, he was a Man who would give you the shirt off his back literally if you needed it, his Firearms tastes were diverse to say the least. What are likely the last two I’ll purchase from them are two rimfire Pumps. First a Rossi M59 .22wmr and second a restored Winchester 06 pump in .22lr, neither true collectors items but both just the kind of thing that appeals to me.

The M59

The ’06

Lots of good memories of Hunts and Field Trips to Gun Shops all around North Carolina, we solved all the World’s problems hundreds of time, discussed the meaning of life and the wonder of God’s Love to Man at length. I miss him but I’ve got a lot to remind me of him too.

Steyr’s new Zephyr II

From  Charlie, one of the readers here, his comments on his new Zephyr II…

Hello Gerald: You asked about my experience with the Steyr Zephyr II. Well, the indoor range I shoot at is limited to 25 yds–but it produced 5 shot one tiny hole results. I also belong to an outdoor range in Pa. but have to wait until warmer weather for more distance. Now the bad news–due to the design— the receiver, the bolt, scope dovetails, etc. are very forward from other 22 bolt receivers. This forces the scope to be mounted in a position that makes eye relief difficult. I use Nikon Rimfire variable scopes (I realize they are not Leupold quality–but I am happy). With the Nikons, the distance from the adjusting turrets to where the scope tube starts to flair out is not long enough to bring to scope backward to a comfortable distance from the eye. I will have to look for a scope with a longer tube to remedy this problem. The trigger is interesting–a bit of slack–stops –touch it–bang. The direction book calls it a “stage trigger”. Aside from the scope situation, I am quite pleased.

The Big Dog…

Sort of an insider joke, on your iPhone you can set ring tones to let you know by the sound who is calling you, for my Hunting buddy Rick it was a big barking dog. After getting the text from his Sister that he had passed I made some phone calls and decided to go by one or two of the shops we frequented in person. One had this CZ 550 FS in 9.3×62 that had come out of Pawn and they’d offered it to me but I really didn’t think I had any use for it. But after looking at it again and doing some haggling in the best tradition of Gun Shop denizens I got it so inexpensively I couldn’t resist. It’s big and pretty no nonsense like a Big Dog I knew, so what the heck it’s the commemorative “Big Dog”, Rick would have liked it.


Something to think about…

A friend will be having some eye surgery soon and needed a diversion so we made a little trip to some of our favorite gunshops, at one I looked at a nice little Mannlicher .22lr that I know a bit about. Condition was good but not what I usually look for, price wasn’t abargain so I left it there. I asked a couple of questions on another sight and got reminded by one person why I have so little use for some folks as they are more interested in pumping themselves up than giving a straight answer. Still pondering the purchase of that  rifle but I’ll do some more study before I decide and hopefully someone will buy it before I make up my mind.

Photo Phuucket….

As you can see, Photobucket is choosing to hold up (as in ROB) its users if they reach a certain level of usage, some fee is not unreasonable but they want $39.95 per month for those who do what they call 3rd party hosting.That’s more per year than I pay for hosting this website for 5 years. Shame on you Photobucket…I was told unlimited storage and band width when I joined 10 years ago, that then changed to 10 gbs a year or so ago, I’m at 75% right now and would have no problem paying a reasonable fee but what they are asking for is hardly reasonable.

Tandemkross “Freedom Rail” for PMR-30

Wanting to put a optic on my older PMR-30 I ordered a Freedom rail which attaches to the   holes on the rear top of the PMR-30. Such a simple thing but really effective. In less than 15 minutes I had it installed and ready to zero.

The Bushnell First Strike slips right on and with the tightening of one screw is ready to be zeroed.

Couldn’t be simpler, now to get it zeroed.

First Shots with Mk IV Hunter…

Took the new Mk IV Hunter and my old AMT Lightning with their newly acquired scopes to the club yesterday, quickly found that the NcStar 2.5x I got for next to nothing and mounted on the AMT was worth “next to nothing”. No real surprise but I had hoped it might be at least usable…no such luck. The Burris 2x on the other hand is clear as a bell, no complaints there, some retraining of the brain and eyes going on and I need to work out a usable rest for testing (a couple of rice bags in socks worked only slightly better than nothing). Was still able to shoot repeatable 1-1 1/2 inch groups with CCI Subsonic HP’s at 25 yards but think once I get all sorted out I can likely halve that, the sun was in my face so I was getting a lot of flare and my eyes aren’t what they were 20 years ago when I shot scoped Contenders on a regular basis. Looking forward to round two.

What a year it has been…

Politics alone made 2016 a doozy, hopefully rejecting the “anointed one” will prove beneficial, if nothing more than putting a couple of conservatives on the Supreme Court. Few seem to comprehend how important that is. Firearms wise I’ve managed to pick up several nice new examples and still need to make time to shoot more of them, really need a good 100 yard indoor range near by.

Wishing all my friends and readers a Happy an Prosperous New Year, may God Bless and keep you an yours.

Christmas is upon us…

Son and his Families presents are bought, he’ll get a surprise or two, the Wife and I are covered very well, Bathroom remodel is down to some touch up work but essentially finished and nice. Garage door opener died but has been replacement with a much, much quieter unit with some nice upgrades.

Now the really important part of Christmas begins, remembering what the real reason for the season is, Christ’s birth, the hope of all mankind come to earth. If you don’t know him I pray you seek him out, for me its the most important relationship in my life.

God Bless and Merry Christmas and a Safe and Prosperous New Year.