Marlin 917m2s

A week ago I spotted this rifle in a small shop near South Boston Va., in good but not perfect condition it reminded me of my first .17 caliber rifle a Marlin 917vsl in .17hmr, I had later purchased my first .17m2, a 917m2 (blue and hardwood) based on how well the 917vsl shot. Both shot very well but late I purchased CZ 452’s in those calibers because they were much lighter and shot as well or better. At any rate it trigger a nostalgia attack and the shop owner agreed to pass an offer to the owner as it was a consignment piece. Tues. of this week I called back and the owner had countered but was only $10 higher than my offer so I told him deal, I’ll be up for it tomorrow. $210 and $5 for a redundant Virginia back ground check (I have a concealed carry permit, am a retired LEO and they don’t have to do Federal checks on me), I think I did okay, put it together with a Mueller APV in silver and we’ll see how she shoots,.


First Shots with Mk IV Hunter…

Took the new Mk IV Hunter and my old AMT Lightning with their newly acquired scopes to the club yesterday, quickly found that the NcStar 2.5x I got for next to nothing and mounted on the AMT was worth “next to nothing”. No real surprise but I had hoped it might be at least usable…no such luck. The Burris 2x on the other hand is clear as a bell, no complaints there, some retraining of the brain and eyes going on and I need to work out a usable rest for testing (a couple of rice bags in socks worked only slightly better than nothing). Was still able to shoot repeatable 1-1 1/2 inch groups with CCI Subsonic HP’s at 25 yards but think once I get all sorted out I can likely halve that, the sun was in my face so I was getting a lot of flare and my eyes aren’t what they were 20 years ago when I shot scoped Contenders on a regular basis. Looking forward to round two.

Back from the Gunsmith..

The Ruger 96/44 I purchased not long ago is back from the gunsmith, it had a small crack in the wood at the back of the receiver, more like a thumbnail sized area that had popped loose and been poorly repaired. With that area taking most of the recoil I didn’t want to take any chances so I had Thumper put it right and as usual he did it well.

A friend had given me a couple of Weaver V9 scopes and one of them seemed to be just the ticket for this little .44 Carbine, darned if it isn’t a slick actioned thing and the trigger seems just fine for what it is as well.

In other news it seems the Board of Directors at DPRC is at it again, power grabbing or at least trying to, they want to make all their decisions binding without member approval. It’s just one thing after another the past 5-6 years. Are there no honest men in that Club?


would have been my Dad’s 92 nd birthday had he not passed back in May of last year, Mom and Dad’s anniversary would have been the 10th of this month. I exchanged texts with my Niece (who was like another daughter to them) and Sister and my Son. Each of us with still fresh thoughts about his passing. Gone from our presence but far from forgotten.

Rugers Mk IV Hunter

When I handled an early Mk IV Target I liked the new take down procedure but honestly I’ve never had a real problem with any of the Mk Pistols, just need to remember the secret handshake for them. But I have a MK I, a MK II and a Mk III 22/45 and a Lite and a AMT Lightning 8″ barrel so I’m thinking pretty neat but I don’t need one.

Local shop got in a Hunter  a couple of days ago and did some handling of it and had a 10/22 International I wasn’t doing anything with that covered a good bit of the expense and well…it came home with me. Triggers are usually the weak point on Mk’s but can be improved pretty easily.  This one isn’t bad, in fact its the best other than my AMT I’ve had out of the box, it can still stand some improvement but its very usable as is. I’ve got some bits and pieces coming from TandemKross (check these folks out they have a lot of good parts and accessories for Guns), Likely will scope this one, time will tell if its up to the heritage of the Ruger Mk’s, I’m guessing it will do just fine.

Lots of new things…

Recently picked u[ a Ruger 96/44 magnum from a small shop, in good condition and not a common thing in this area as medium range bolt actions tend to be the more popular Deer rifles here. I have a CZ452 Grand Finale on order and paid for, high polished blue, hand engraving, upgraded wood with a ebony fore end tip and grip cap and wrap around checkering. Some nay savers have panned these but there will only be 1000 made so they won’t be forced to buy one anyhow. Have a CZ 527 American in 6.5 Grendel on order as well, these have 24 inch barrels and if of the usual CZ quality will likely be good shooters. I still haven’t gotten to the range with the 6.5 Creedmore as Church activities just seem to keep multiplying, part of me says its about time to shut down this blog as I find it harder and harder to make time for any of my guns or shooting. We’ll see.

Back from Orlando…

Close to 60 hours of lectures and classes crammed into 6 days, the Stephen Ministry folks certainly don’t short change you on content,  you bring a 35 pound manual back with you filled with what you’ve learned. Included is a series of detailed lesson plans to allow you to teach a 50 hour course in Christian caregiving to laymen. It’s an exciting program we’ll be starting in our Church over the next year. I’ve driven over 1,300 miles and made a lot of new friends. It was a very worthwhile experience (other than our Pastor getting Food Poisoning the last night and being sick as the proverbial Dog yesterday. Now for some rest.

What a year it has been…

Politics alone made 2016 a doozy, hopefully rejecting the “anointed one” will prove beneficial, if nothing more than putting a couple of conservatives on the Supreme Court. Few seem to comprehend how important that is. Firearms wise I’ve managed to pick up several nice new examples and still need to make time to shoot more of them, really need a good 100 yard indoor range near by.

Wishing all my friends and readers a Happy an Prosperous New Year, may God Bless and keep you an yours.