Back from Orlando…

Close to 60 hours of lectures and classes crammed into 6 days, the Stephen Ministry folks certainly don’t short change you on content,  you bring a 35 pound manual back with you filled with what you’ve learned. Included is a series of detailed lesson plans to allow you to teach a 50 hour course in Christian caregiving to laymen. It’s an exciting program we’ll be starting in our Church over the next year. I’ve driven over 1,300 miles and made a lot of new friends. It was a very worthwhile experience (other than our Pastor getting Food Poisoning the last night and being sick as the proverbial Dog yesterday. Now for some rest.

What a year it has been…

Politics alone made 2016 a doozy, hopefully rejecting the “anointed one” will prove beneficial, if nothing more than putting a couple of conservatives on the Supreme Court. Few seem to comprehend how important that is. Firearms wise I’ve managed to pick up several nice new examples and still need to make time to shoot more of them, really need a good 100 yard indoor range near by.

Wishing all my friends and readers a Happy an Prosperous New Year, may God Bless and keep you an yours.

Christmas is upon us…

Son and his Families presents are bought, he’ll get a surprise or two, the Wife and I are covered very well, Bathroom remodel is down to some touch up work but essentially finished and nice. Garage door opener died but has been replacement with a much, much quieter unit with some nice upgrades.

Now the really important part of Christmas begins, remembering what the real reason for the season is, Christ’s birth, the hope of all mankind come to earth. If you don’t know him I pray you seek him out, for me its the most important relationship in my life.

God Bless and Merry Christmas and a Safe and Prosperous New Year.

It’s Christmas time…

Don’t know what it means to you but for me its my hope for the Future, Christ came to Earth to offer a Sacrifice for the Salvation of our Souls. Two years ago today my Mother died, just over six months ago my Father passed, I know I’ll see them again. Amen.

Yesterday we joined with my Wife’s family to celebrate, our Son and his Family were there so pretty much all the Family I have other than my Sister and her Family, It was nice to be with them all and we had a wonderful time but nothing like the reunion we’ll have one day in Heaven. God Bless you all and I hope to meet you all there one day as well.

6.5 Creedmore

Picked up my rifle from HH Gunsmithing this afternoon, kind of like bringing home a new puppy with really good blood lines, you know its got all the right pieces and proven record from the parents but only time will time if the Dog will Hunt. Rem. Short action stripped, trued and fitted with a tricked out PTG bolt, Calvin Elite Trigger, Brux 6.5 1:8 SS barrel in Sendero contour. HS Precision Pro stock without Palm Swells, Cerakoted Armour Black with a Picatinny Base and Warne QR Vertical Split rings. Topped with a Sightron S TAC 4-20×50 30mm tube with MOA 2 Reticle all put together by one of the nicest guys and darn good ‘smithing  and really good shooting Gunsmiths I’ve ever met..Ken Barfield.

Barrel is finished at 26 inches to get all the 6.5 Creedmore has to give, can’t wait to kill some paper and maybe a Deer or few.

Uberti Silverboy in .22wmr…

I’ve been and continue to hemorrhage cash on the Remodel, which is killing me with how slow its going, and needed a little retail therapy of my own. Looked around the smaller local shop and nothing appealed to me, looked into ordering something nothing really appealed to me. At Mace talking with Bill one of the owners and noticed they had the Henry Golden Boy Silver in .22 wmr which caliber I have a fondness for. The drop in the buttstock on that rifle just doesn’t work for me and there were a couple of cosmetic flaws in that particular example that just didn’t do it for me. Two feet left of the Henry’s on the rack were a couple of Uberti SIlverboys in .22lr and .22wmr, let me see the .22wmr, the fit and finish were outstanding on both, they have Beech stocks rather than the plain walnut the Henry had but the figure of the stained Beech was excellent, working the actions and trying the trigger (not letting the hammer drop all the way) showed it to be at least as smooth as the Henry I’d handled and maybe even better. Now all you Henry fans don’t get your tighty whites all in a wad, I’ve owned at least six Henry’s and still have a pump .22wmr so I’m not talking out of a lack of knowledge about them, Anthony Imperato is a great guy (yes I’ve talked to him a couple of times) but in this case at least the Uberti really impressed me. I’ll just have to see how it does in the long haul. Warranty is nowhere near what the Henry’s is and they don’t encourage you to take it apart to clean (that bugs me) but it handles nice so we’ll just have to see. Price wise at least at my LGS they’re very close in price.

Only had a minute to take some quick cell phone photos of the butt stock but that is some nice looking Beech.

A Blessed Thanksgiving…

Since Mom died coming up on two years ago and Dad’s passing in late May we’ve no real Family locally, the Wife only has today off (she needs to retire) so no run to Hickory to be with our Son and his Family. We’d about decided to go to Cracker Barrel and just enjoy each others company which isn’t a bad way to spend the day. I had hunted yesterday afternoon with my Friend Rick who had just lost his Brother last week, we didn’t see a single Deer but did watch four Turkeys feeding in a field for a while. Just talked about all the things he’ll miss about his Brother and all the things you have to take care of when someones dies. I’m thankful for Friends to share such things with, a burden shared is a burden lightened.

After getting in from hunting the Wife and I decide to go out to eat (after I changed and cleaned up some) so we went to a local Cafe and as we entered saw a Couple from our Sunday School Class. I went over to their table and they introduced me to their out of town guests, nice folks, they asked about our plans for Thanksgiving and I said we’d likely go to Cracker Barrel as it just wasn’t worth all the bother of cooking for just the two of us. They asked us to join them and their Family for Thanksgiving Dinner, I thanked them but said we’d hate to intrude, they insisted and said if we could stand the hub bub we’d very welcome. We gratefully accepted. Nice.

Returning to our table one of the Managers was talking with my wife and asked if we liked Peach Cobbler or Strawberry, I greatly prefer Strawberry, he brought out an entire pan wrapped to take home with us. So we’ll take the Cobbler with us today and begged them to let bring something else. No,no they replied.

I’m thankful for so many things and the actions of others really reminded me how fortunate we are, our Church Friends are Family too, there are lots of kind people around us every day. Thank you Lord for the reminders. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving everyone and I pray someone reminds you today of how much you have to be thankful for.