2006 CZ 452 American…

Again from Rick’s collection, a 2006 in .17hmr in very good condition mounted with a Nikon Monarch 6.5×20 with illuminated reticle, the bluing and wood finish is simply excellent, with good but not exceptional wood grain. I was without a CZ 452 in .17hmr so I was very pleased to find this one.

I wish the current production would return to this level of finish but I’m sure the prices would have to rise to do so, I had a 452 American in .22wmr that was a near twin to this rifle that I sold to buy my first Anschutz, the present owner loves to remind me of how good it shoots.


on my last visit to Rick’s firearms I looked over several I’d considered but decided not to buy, and predictably I brought home another one, a CZ 97b. A big .45acp that I’d thought too large for my hands  Some dry firing convinced me I might well be good with it as the DA pull is one of the best I’ve seen. We’ll find out sometime.

On another subject, I’ve been a fan of the little J Framed .32 SW Longs for a long time, great for a first centerfire trainer for kids and women who are recoil shy. Local pawn had a New Ruger SP101 in .32 Federal Magnum, the 3″ fixed barrel model that had been ordered in error for a customer, Made me a offer I couldn’t refuse , price matched the cheapest price I could find on Gunbroker and threw in 2 50 round boxes of Federal 85gr and a 20 round box of HST’s. This may be Mama’s new pistol, you just never know.

No photo of the Ruger yet.

Final additions?

Helping Rick’s Family with the disposal of his Firearms has been a honor in many ways, he was a Man who would give you the shirt off his back literally if you needed it, his Firearms tastes were diverse to say the least. What are likely the last two I’ll purchase from them are two rimfire Pumps. First a Rossi M59 .22wmr and second a restored Winchester 06 pump in .22lr, neither true collectors items but both just the kind of thing that appeals to me.

The M59

The ’06

Lots of good memories of Hunts and Field Trips to Gun Shops all around North Carolina, we solved all the World’s problems hundreds of time, discussed the meaning of life and the wonder of God’s Love to Man at length. I miss him but I’ve got a lot to remind me of him too.

Steyr’s new Zephyr II

From  Charlie, one of the readers here, his comments on his new Zephyr II…

Hello Gerald: You asked about my experience with the Steyr Zephyr II. Well, the indoor range I shoot at is limited to 25 yds–but it produced 5 shot one tiny hole results. I also belong to an outdoor range in Pa. but have to wait until warmer weather for more distance. Now the bad news–due to the design— the receiver, the bolt, scope dovetails, etc. are very forward from other 22 bolt receivers. This forces the scope to be mounted in a position that makes eye relief difficult. I use Nikon Rimfire variable scopes (I realize they are not Leupold quality–but I am happy). With the Nikons, the distance from the adjusting turrets to where the scope tube starts to flair out is not long enough to bring to scope backward to a comfortable distance from the eye. I will have to look for a scope with a longer tube to remedy this problem. The trigger is interesting–a bit of slack–stops –touch it–bang. The direction book calls it a “stage trigger”. Aside from the scope situation, I am quite pleased.

A good idea…

Rick was a fan of the .17m2 same as me, he also was a big fan of Ruger’s 96 series of lever action rimfires and had .22lr/.17hmr and .22wmr examples but lamented it having never been made in .17m2. He decided to do something about it, he found a nice 96/22lr. and then talked Clark Customs into making just one more 77/.17m2 barrel. He then took rifle and barrel to Ken Barfield our gunsmith friend to join, bed and “do something about the barrel band”. Ken did good as usual and the combo is reputed to be a excellent shooter but I’ve not had the privilege of shooting it, its now mine so hopefully I’ll know soon.

I had to remount the Hawke 4-16 scope as it was canted pretty badly and gave the rifle a good clean and wax with Renaissance Wax, I also picked up over 4000 more rounds of .17m2. This thing needs to go Squirrel hunting.

Promised photos…

Since most of us are visually stimulated, a couple of photos of Rick’s rifles I now have.

His Sako Quad in .22wmr, I’ve also purchased a .17m2 barrel for it.

It has the Burris Quad scope made for the interchangeable barrels on the Quad, I’ve never used one of those and it may not stay.

Next is a CZ 452 FS in .22lr I didn’t even know he owned.

The dark stain hides some very nice grain on this one, a DIP trigger guard and some other add ons may be in its future. As someone said every time I handle or shoot these I’ll be thinking of my Friend Ricky and all the good times we had hunting and traveling the State checking out gun shops.

A couple of Rick’s rifles…

have found a new home, a Sako Quad Hunter (couple of dings in the stock) with nice wood that I hope I can repair, all in all a nice rifle in .22wmr (a favorite), at worst a good remembrance of my Hunting Partner at best a excellent and good looking rifle and a remembrance.

The other is a NIB 2009 CZ 452 FS in .22lr with some darker than average wood and better than average grain, it’s going to be one of those rifles that needs bright sunlight to really show its stuff, or prehaps refinishing.

Photo’s to follow when I get a chance.

Family Christmas…

My Wife’s family Christmas gathering was yesterday, we always have a great time there, wonderful Children are growing up into Godly and talented young Adults, Adults who continue to be good Christian examples to their Children. Much reminiscing about those who have gone on before us, sadness for their loss to us but Joy in that we know they wait for us in God. Not much gift giving (the sisters give small tokens) but a tremendous amount of sharing of Love and Joy for the Season. I always enjoy this gathering. Oh and the food, wow the food.